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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Deciphering your digital real estate decisions

The iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S III?

Let’s make it easier: iPhone or Droid? Or Windows phone?

The iPad Mini--announced this week--or another tablet?

Kindle or Nook? Or a different reader altogether?

Mac or PC? Coke or Pepsi? Republican or Democrat? Hardwood or ceramic tile?

There is no shortage of choices in front of you. Many are digital, some are preference and a few are beliefs. The latter, you’ve formed on your own. The former, you might not have.

So you’ve conducted some research. You’ve asked your friends for their opinions, and paid attention when they’ve posted their preferences on Facebook and Twitter. You’ve read a few blogs and tuned into a few commercials. You might have even gone to store to sample devices, side by side.

These are basic steps that go into your buying process, and they’re steps that go into the buying process of your potential customers when they’re trying to decide whether to buy or sell a home, or rent, or which real estate agent to work with, or whether there’s an advantage working with an agent from one specific brokerage or franchise over another.

You know all this, and you’ve spent your career creating the value propositions for your business, which you can present to your customers through advertising and marketing, and in person when you get the chance to speak with them.

And yet, the real decisions occur long before all that. You have to decide on real estate technology applications, websites, lead management systems, digital marketing solutions, transaction management and mobile solutions, just to name a few. All of those decisions will impact your business and the offerings you bring to the table when a potential client is considering buying or selling a home with you.

And, when it comes to those decisions, you find yourself without many of the buying options you have when making other tech purchases, and that your customers have when deciding between real estate agents.

So, if you’re like many agents or brokerages, you might spend less time researching systems. You look into what others use. Perhaps you speak with a sales rep at a real estate conference or by phone, and you make a list of the functions you’re looking for, and the companies that might best meet those needs within your budget.

But chances are, you’re still not completely sold. You’ve been promised things before, and never seen them come to fruition. You were told your last real estate website would help you increase your sales, but you sat dumbfounded as they decreased. And so many new technologies offer so many features, you’re still trying to disseminate which are important and which are just fluff.

It shouldn’t be that difficult, and it doesn’t have to be. You should be able to research what’s new in technology, and how it applies to the industry. You should be able to see what new real estate websites are integrated to work with Social Media channels. You should see the features you want, rather than be sold on those you know you don’t need, that might not work as well as promised anyway.

You should be able to conduct this homework without interference. You should not only see how these solutions might help your business, but other marketing and digital strategies that can benefit your business.

You have a job to do, and that’s to sell houses. You need tools that will help you do that, and information that will help you improve your business in every way possible. You don’t need another sales rep, you need another partner--one that can offer the things you don’t have experience in, that will pair with and boost the performance of those that you do.

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