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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stay engaged with your customers using Delta's Customer Center Email Marketing

The Drip Marketing System allows you to keep in touch with your Customers on a regular basis, without having to remember when the last time you sent them an Email was. You can create content that goes out on specific dates or on an interval. Customers like to feel the Agent they are working with is knowledgeable and will stay in touch with them, through the process, this helps you stay connected.

What are the benefits for your Customer?

Your customers will receive information from you with the information that you feel your Customers should have. You  can set it up to send  to specific customers a tid bit of information every week, to help with home buying or preparing to move, or you can set it up to send information to sellers, to help with Open Houses or how to winterize your house for winter to avoid any damage from the elements.

What are the benefits for you, the Realtor®?

The Customer will get Emails from you, the expert. You have knowledge that your customers need, so you can make it an easy transition for them, by giving them the information that is important to them in their situation. You can also use this to keep your customers informed of local events by creating a Drip Marketing Campaign with the local goings on, for those who are new to the area.

How do you add your Customers?

There are 3 steps needed to setup an Email Campaign. Here are the steps.

Step 1

Log in to the Deltanet® and select the Customer Center.

Step 2

 Select your Customer from the Customer Detailed List or Hot/New Customer and click on their name.

Step 3

Select Campaigns from the top Icons and choose the campaign to add or remove the Customer from the campaign. 

How do you add a new Campaign?

There are 5 steps needed to create an Email Campaign. Here are the steps.

 Step 1

Log in to the Deltanet® and select Email Campaigns.

Step 2

 Click on the Add New Campaign button.

Step 3

Add a title and save. Click the Close button.

Step 4

When the screen refreshes, scroll down to the Campaign you have created the title for and click on Add New Email button.

Step 5

Every time you add a new Email you have to select either to have the Email sent out on a specific date or on an interval, select the option you desire and input the date or the number of days before a customer should receive the Email. Write your Email and you can publish the Email now, or if it is not completed, you can save a draft. Once you publish the Campaign, you can not add or edit the contents of the Email Campaign, to do so, save as draft, so you can add all of the Emails you would like and then click publish.

You can Edit a draft for a specific Email.

To view the Edit a specific Email in the campaign,  click on the 'Action' button and select Edit Draft, this will allow you to change the Email .

You can Disable a specific Email.

To Disable a specific Email in the campaign,  click on the 'Action' button and select Disable, this will allow you to stop the Email from being sent. Emails can be re-activated, buy following the same steps.

You can see the History for a specific Email.

To view the Email history for a specific Email in the campaign,  click on the 'Action' button and select History, this will tell you when the Email was sent, when it was opened, and weather or not they have clicked on any of the links associated with the Email.

Example Email Campaign

Email Campaign FAQ's

Q. Can I set-up more than one Email Campaign to be emailed to my  'customer'?
Yes, you can set up multiple Email Campaigns for any customer, just add them to each campaign.

Q. If a customer asks me what is the purpose of this Email, what do I tell them?
The Email Campaign is a tool for You to present useful information to the customer.

Q. Can I disable the Email Campaigns for my customers?
A.  Yes. It's very easy to remove a Customer from a Campaign using settings from the DeltaNet, click on the customer information and click remove below the campaign you would like to remove the customer from.

Q. Can I change the Email Campaigns for my customers?  
A. No. Once a campaign has been published, it will not be editable.

Q. Can I see the Email before the Customer gets it?
A. Yes. You can click preview to view the Email you choose.

Q. Can Customer Opt out of future Emails sent this way?
A.  Yes. The Customer can choose to not receive these Emails anymore.

Q. How do I know if my customers are coming to my site because of my drip marketing efforts?
A. Select the Email and click on the Action button and go to history to see how your Emails are being used.


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