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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Get My Portfolio leads in the hands of your agents immediately!

Admins, what if you could automatically distribute new customer registrations to your agents? Would that take some work load off you?

Well, we've added a new feature to the DeltaNet™ Lead System that does auto broadcast My Portfolio requests (home searches) to the Agents!

What's so great about broadcasting My Portfolio requests?

Some customers that are looking for a home are not willing to wait, but are not sure how the process works, when buying a home. They may be willing to place a bid on a property right away, before someone else gets it, but afraid to contact an Agent to have a showing. Your Agents can get these customers who are looking and cultivate a relationship with them to walk them through the procedure of buying a Home, so they don't have to go it alone.

What are the benefits for your Agents?

The Agents get the opportunity to cultivate a 'Warm Lead' to a 'Sale' with the lead coming from the broadcast system. Agents get to tip the odds in their favor by cultivating every prospect for a possible sale.

What are the benefits for you, the Admin?

As Admin you have plenty to keep track of, this will lessen the odds you will have to assign the lead to an Agent, as long as the Agents have the Zip Codes entered, and the Customer's and  Agents' Zip Codes match.

How do you set this up for your Agents?

There is no set up needed, if the broadcast system is on, it is working now.
You can also select in the Lead Settings 'Include agents that have not saved a Leads & Contacts profile in broadcast pool' to broadcast out to ALL Agents not removed from the broadcast pool' to broadcast to the Agents who do not have saved Zip Codes saved in the Agent lead settings.


Q. Will this change the way any other leads are broadcast?
A. No, leads will broadcast as they have in the past.

Q. Will the Agent entered Minimum Price stop an Agent from receiving a broadcast lead?
A. Yes, the Agent entered price will not allow a price below this amount in the saved search, to be broadcast to this Agent.

Q. Can I stop broadcasts to specific Agents?
A. Yes, as Admin you can authenticate as the Agent and remove them from the broadcast pool (this will remove them from receiving any broadcast leads).

Q. Can I turn off the broadcast of only My Portfolio requests to Agents?

A. Yes, you can set the system to not treat these as leads under 'Leads & Contacts', 'Settings', and in the section 'MY PORTFOLIO AND MY HOME FINDER LEADS'. The My Portfolio requests will be assigned to the Admin as Portfolio requests.
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