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Friday, October 12, 2012

Helping your Customers find you on their smartphone

We updated how we display REALTORS® on our Company Mobile Real Estate Platform. We're now displaying icons for linking to REALTOR® websites and contacts. This gives customers a better user experience enabling them to more easily find your website and to engage you through a phone call. With the future of the internet moving more and more towards mobile you must be found where your customers are looking and give them the best experience possible.

What are the benefits for your Customer?

Your Customer can easily select your office and pick your picture, where they can select to see your website or call you.

What are the benefits for you, the Realtor®?

Your Customers have access to contact you or view listings from your page, increasing the odds of them becoming your Customer.

How do your Customers select my Agent Profile?

There are 5 steps needed. Here are the steps.

Step 1

 Go to the Company Mobile website.

Step 2

 Select 'Menu'.

Step 3

 Select 'Find Agent/Office'.

Step 4

 Either Enter Fist, Last name or select the office the Agent is in.

Step 5

 The Customer can select Agent, visit Agent site, or Call the Agent.


Q.  They don't know what I look like, can my Customers find me by name?
A.  Yes, After selecting 'Find Agent/Office' they can enter your first or last name.

Q.  Can my customers visit my Agent website?
A.  Yes, by clicking on the computer icon, the customer will be sent to the Agent site.

Q.  Do Customers have to use the GPS feature?
A.   No, they can choose to not have the location feature on. This will display the map with out their location on it.

Q.  If I am in more than one office, will I show on all of these offices?
A.  Yes, you will be displayed on all of the offices you are associated with.
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