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Friday, October 12, 2012

Mobile Property types help your customers find their new location, on the go!

Property Type has been added to the mobile site giving your customers more options while searching for commercial properties. Before, if a user tapped on Commercial, there no additional options for filtering Commercial Property Types and the search would include all commercial properties. Now your customers can select which specific Commercial Property Types they would like to search for. In addition, when a user taps Commercial, the bedroom and bathroom fields are removed from the form since they aren't relevant.

What are the benefits for your Customer?

Your Customers can search for strictly Commercial listings, without having to sort them, or be sure they do not contain any residential listings.

What are the benefits for you, the Realtor®?

You can assure your Customers that when they search for Commercial Listings, they can select the Commercial type, and then choose Business, Warehouse, Industrial, Manufacturing , Office,  Investment, Places of Worship, or Recreational to get the right property for their needs.

How do your Customers select Commercial listings?

There are 8 steps needed to search based upon user criteria. Here are the steps.

Step 1

While on the Agent or Company Mobile page, select ‘Menu’

Step 2

Click on the Search Preferences.

Step 3

Select the Commercial or Residential.

Step 4

Select the Property Type.

Step 5

Select Minimum and Maximum prices.

Step 6

Enter Name and Email address to create a portfolio (if not already logged in).

Step 7

Select to have the properties that match the criteria flagged.

Step 8

Click on ‘Search’.


Q.  Can my Customers specify between Residential and Commercial listings?
A.  Yes, they can search for either commercial or residential listings and save either search to their Portfolio.

Q.  Can my Customers search for specific property types, inside of the commercial listings?
A.  Yes, they can search for Business, Warehouse, Industrial, Manufacturing , Office,  Investment, Places of Worship, or Recreational with in the Commercial property type

Q.  Can my customers see the commercial properties that are closest to them?
A.   Yes, providing they have the GPS on and allow the use of their location, they will be shown on the map and the proximity of the commercial listings currently available.

Q.    Do I have to be on the Standard or the Upgrade to use this feature?
A.   Agents that have a Delta Agent Mobile Site, have this feature as part of the Mobile.

Q.  Can my customers contact me, to ask questions while viewing the listing?
A. Yes, the customer has the ability to Ask a question (Email), Get Driving Directions, Save listing as a favorite, or call the Agent (call placed to the 'Phone Number to Show With Listings' as set in the DeltaNet under 'Overviews').
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