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Friday, November 30, 2012

Blog system changes catch up...

The real estate industry for a couple years has been preaching blogging, blogging, blogging...

We like the idea of blogging too.

Just think, you're reading this on Delta's blog right now so we're certainly committed to blogging as a method of communication and marketing.

The big problem for REALTORS® though is all the questions and problems that come with blogging.
  • What system do you use?
  • What do you write about?
  • How do you share your blog?
  • How do you get a blog setup?
  • Where do you even begin?
We saw this as a problem for well-meaning real estate professionals and we decided over a year ago to come-up with an easy to use blogging solution that works for REALTORS®.

In the past year we release our integrated blog platform. It was basic and we weren't sure how many agents would use the new blogging feature. Many did. Actually, more did than we thought would!

We started getting good feedback from agents and wanted to leverage social activity and what it could bring agents (website traffic). So we included social sharing tools not too long ago giving any reader the ability to easily share blog posts on social channels.

Then we integrated Facebook blog commenting tools. This is cool because the comments on your blog posts also go to Facebook thus helping with viral marketing.

After that was released we found that agents were writing posts but it sometimes took them a little time to write their posts so we released the ability to create blog posts drafts that can be worked on until they're ready to publish. A handful of the agents use this feature on a regular basis and this is great to use if you're doing a blog as a team so you can wait to post your blog articles until the post drafts have been reviewed.

Then a few months ago we found that agents were great at starting their blogs but they would really struggle with content. Or if an agent created a blog we thought it wasn't good that they were creating a blog with no content. So, we added the ability to include RSS feeds into our blogs and even put some default RSS feeds in our blog system such as Wall Street Journal, Inman, etc. This is cool because you can have a blog full of content getting updated daily the day your blog goes live!

This bring us to our latest change that was released this past week. We've given agents the ability to change which domain their blog is attached to. We don't want to get too technical but from an SEO perspective it's good to have your blog tied to one domain. This feature gives agents more control over where their blog exists and, if they make an accidental mistake during setup, they can move the blog. Really cool!

With all these features we have a strong, integrated blogging platform for real estate professionals. What we're really excited about is the features we're working on that you don't even know about yet that will be released in the near future! Watch for more exciting changes to our blogging platform in the upcoming weeks!

Ability to change which domain an agent's blog is attached to

The ability for an Agent to change the domain that their blog is attached to has been added to the system. This gives the ability to switch which domain an agent's blog is attached to after being published.

What are the benefits for your Customer?

The customers who are doing research, are looking to those Real Estate experts who have information on their site. A Blog is an excellent way to share your knowledge  but getting your customer to your site may be a challenge if you do not have a custom domain. If you have purchased a Domain, you can now choose the domain the Blog is associated with, making it easier for your customers to find.

What are the benefits for you, the REALTOR®?

Having your customers go to your site is much easier when the URL is something they can easily remember, and having the Blog associated to that URL make the navigation easier for them.

How do you set this up?

There are three steps to set this up. Here are the steps.

Step 1

Log in to the DeltaNet™ and go to your 'Blog' under 'Marketing'.

Step 2

Select the 'Domains' tab

Step 3

Choose the Domain you would like to sue and click 'Update domain' to complete.


Q. I have purchased a new domain, can i move my Blog to this domain?
A. Yes, You can move the Blog to your new Domain.

Q. I have decided to not renew my custom domain, can I move my Blog to one of my standard domains?
A. Yes, You can move the Blog to one of your standard domains.

Spam lead checking system

We hate spam! And we're not talking about the spam that comes in a can, we're talking about the good-ole spam that you get in your email in-box.

We have all types of systems in place to stop spam on the tens of thousands of websites we do for the real estate industry but it's a never ending battle so we just added some more spam blocking system changes.

What just went live is an upgrade to our system that checks every lead to determine if it's spam. We can't get into the details of what was done, just in case one of you is a spammer, but we wanted to communicate some of what was done...

This round of changes is primarily used in the showing request systems we employ on our sites. This change is designed to help stop the spam that's manually entered and contains matching first name and last name and an invalid email address.

The project is currently checking for the email address domain. The spam leads that started this project, had email addresses similar to: or as examples.

The new system will take as input: first name, last name, and email. It will then check to see if the domain of the email address is real and if it supports email (i.e.: has mx records). If the email fails that test, then we will not create a lead but still show the spammer a success message. The first and last name are for future code to handle matching first and last names.

In the coming months rest assured that there will be ongoing changes to this system as there has been for the past couple years!

What are the benefits for Agents?

The leads received will be more qualified by having the potential Spam Leads blocked automatically.

What are the benefits to the Admin?

Less likelihood of Spam leads getting through the system and being assigned to the Agents makes life easier on all website administrators.

How do you set this up for your Agents?

You don't need to do anything...this is a system-wide change that was pushed to all web platforms for you.

Listing Notes on Seller Reports

Listing Notes have been added on the Seller Reports.

This allows you to send notes to the customer within the Seller Report Email.

What are the benefits for your Customer?

Some sellers are difficult to reach, and being able to add the note to the Email they are already expecting, not only saves you time, but it adds a personal touch to the Email.

What are the benefits for you, the REALTOR®?

Being able to add a note to the the report the Customer is already expecting, gives you the ability to personalize the message, so your Customers feel more connected to you, and feeling comfortable with the person selling your home is important to most customers.

How do you set this up for your Customer?

Step 1

Log in to the DeltaNet™ and go to your 'Active Listings' under 'Listings'.

Step 2

Click on the MLS ID of the listing you wish to attach the note to.

Step 3

Select the Notes tab.

Step 4

Add new not and select to send the note to the Customer in the Seller Report email and click 'Add New Note'.



Q. Will the Email go out to others?
A. The Email will so out to the Agent (if set up this way) and the Seller.

Q. Can i set up more than one Seller Report? 
A. Yes, you can set up more than one Seller Report.

New Pocket Listing Fields

Three new fields have been added to the pocket listings system including Expiration Date, Property Tax and Room Size.

This gives more flexibility to the system and gives you the ability to share more property information on your websites.

What are the benefits for your Customer?

Your customers do more research than ever before, they may in some cases know as much as you do. Making sure your customer has the information available to them, allows them to do the research they have become accustom to and make the decision to give you a call, after all you had all of the information they were looking for.

What are the benefits for you, the REALTOR®?

The can help weed out the calls or Emails you would get, from customers looking for the Taxes or room size. The system will automatically remove the listing on the prescribed date, so no matter how busy you are, the listing is not showing when it should not be.

How do you set this up for your Customer?

There are three steps to create or Edit a Pocket Listing. Here are the steps.

Step 1

Log in to the DeltaNet™ and go to your 'Active Listings' under 'Listings'.

Step 2

Click 'Enter new Pocket Listing', or for an existing listing select the MLS ID a,d Click the link at the bottom of the page named 'Click here to edit Pocket Listing Information'.

Step 3

Fill out form (sections are color coded to denote the special Listing type: Rental and Commercial) to create a pocket listing. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Submit' to complete.



Q. Will my Listing be removed on the date I prescribe in the expiration date?
A. Yes the listing will be removed on the date entered.

Q. Can I add more rooms, to display the size?
A. Yes, You can keep adding rooms as needed.

Q. Can I reuse the Pocket Listing after it expires, or do I have to recreate it?
A. You can reuse the listing, it will be set as 'Inactive" so it can be reactivated.

New action plan features in customer center

Over the past few months the email campaign systems available through Delta have evolved to be more of a relationship campaign engine. This blog post is designed to inform Delta Customers of the newer features available in the system.

Specifically, we've added the ability to create to-do's and calendar items as part of customer action plans. This gives you the ability to create specific customer follow-up and relationship plans that involve emails, to-do's, and calendar items. This gives you full flexibility in running your business and allows you to consolidate tools into one integrated platform.

What are the benefits for your Customer?

Your customers expect you to call them when you say you will, and being reminded of upcoming events is always easier. Being on the ball makes the right impression on your customer. It's also not good enough to always just email your customers. As you know, real estate is a face-to-face business and it's important to do those calls to your current and past customers at the right times.

What are the benefits for you, the REALTOR®?

Being able to set reminders for yourself makes it easier to keep on schedule. You have access to your to do list at a glance and you can link your calendar with your smartphone calendar or your Email client.

How do you set up a To Do for a Customer?

There are 5 steps to create a To Do. Here are the steps.

Step 1

Log in to the DeltaNet™ and go to your 'Email Campaigns' under 'Customers'.

Step 2

In the 'Ecard Campaign' section, click on 'Add New Email / Action' button.

Step 3

Select 'New Action' button.

Step 4

Choose 'Interval' or 'Date', input the date or the number of days before the To Do. Enter the Action text and click 'Publish'.

Step 5

Click the close button when the Action has been added.



Q. Can I have multiple To Dos for one customer?
A. Yes, you can set as many as needed.

Q. I have checked my To Do off the list, but it is still there, is there an issue?
A. No, we have made the To Dos this way, so if you check the item and it does not get completed  you can un-check the item. Checked items will be removed in 24 hours.

Do client testimonials help your business?

The question is rhetorical. Do client testimonials help your business? You bet they do!

Just look at how we shop online. We find what we're looking for and one of the first things we do is check the customer rating number on the product. The second thing we typically do is read the actual customer reviews to see why someone gave that product a 1 and why others gave the same product a 5.

The bottom line is customer testimonials are a good thing.

So understanding this the Delta Team has released a Customer Testimonials System for Agents and Brokerages. The system gives agents and companies the ability to add testimonials manually and to solicit them electronically on their website. It also gives the ability to moderate, modify, approve and delete testimonials as necessary.

Check out the video we put together showing real estate agents how to setup the testimonials system on their website.

Implementing a lean digital marketing process is essential for your real estate business

There are plenty of ways to get your name out there.

But the end result is trying to generate business through your marketing and branding efforts.

That’s not an easy task in the competitive real estate landscape, where each brokerage and agent operates as its own business, and all are essentially competitors looking for the same slice of the pie.

It’s no longer good enough to market yourself for the sake of marketing yourself. As your own competitive business, you have to see real return on investment (ROI) in all your marketing and advertising endeavors.

Inbound marketing is not the future of marketing, but the present. And, while the basic concepts are the same, both large and small organizations are turning toward content-driven lead generation and automated lead nurturing campaigns, like those offered by Delta Media Group.

Utilizing such a program is a step in the lean digital marketing process, which is becoming essential for growing businesses to be profitable. Lean marketing is ROI-driven, and implementing the process in your real estate business might prove to make or break its future.

According to a recent HubSpot article, two challenges that traditionally prevent marketing departments from becoming lean are “the lead generation tools at their disposal,” and lead generation tactics operating “in a vacuum with little engagement from other departments, including sales.”

It seems almost silly when you really think about it. But most companies don’t implement lean digital marketing steps that would allow their departments to more efficiently drive leads and cultivate them through thorough, automated processes to ensure customer satisfaction and, ultimately, more transactions.

Fortunately, the steps to adjust these inefficient business practices aren’t overly difficult.

First and foremost, you need a platform that enables you to automate these functions in order to minimize response time and improve lead distribution, customer contact and efficient lead cultivation. The HubSpot article says you need “state-of-the-art marketing automation software,” which “helps avoid wasted time by putting all necessary data into one package for monitoring.”

Next, you need to have a process to nurture leads, which can be launched “quickly and efficiently, with less wasted time on process steps and a faster time-to-market.”

By utilizing the right platform, you can better execute the process to begin turning ROI on your lean digital marketing initiatives.

Delta Media Group has already helped several real estate brokerages and agents establish a lean digital marketing program with our suite of lead generation and management tools, and offerings that allow users to easily and quickly execute on new digital marketing initiatives.

The results have been tremendous, as we’ve seen about $25 per lead based on our digital marketing efforts. This has resulted in a very high ROI, to the extent we feel brokerages and agents should better evaluate those marketing efforts that result in lower ROIs and reallocate funds accordingly to make their businesses more profitable.

Lean digital marketing isn’t rocket science. But it’s a necessary step in today’s competitive landscape, and might be the most important step your business can take for its future.

Contact Delta Media Group for more information on how to improve ROI by executing a lean digital marketing strategy.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Lead rebroadcast settings now display

The DeltaNet™ now displays lead rebroadcast settings to lead Administrators. For any company using Delta's Lead Rebroadcast feature this information shows your company settings making their job easier.

The new section is located at the end of the Auto Assign Settings section if your company has an auto rebroadcast profile setup. If not, the section will currently not display.

Note: If you want to learn more about Delta's
Auto-Rebroadcast features please contact

Also if there is a auto rebroadcast profile but the Auto Assign System is turned off, we will still show the settings above but we will also warn you that the Auto Assign System will need to be turned on for the auto rebroadcast to work.

This was mainly done for troubleshooting and informational purposes so both the Admin and our Customer Service Department can see the settings.

What are the benefits for your Agents?

The Agents that are included in the broadcast pool all have a chance to receive leads, in the event the leads are not accepted by an Agent, they are rebroadcast. If the Agents are not aware of the settings, you can look it up for them (if your company will allow this information to be disseminated), and let them know how the system currently works. Changes can be made, if need be (changes will need to be requested at:, the changes will be reflected on the display.

What are the benefits for you, the Administrator?

You can tailor the broadcast system to the needs of your company and know exactly what your settings are without the need to contact Delta.

How do you set this up for your Agents?

Because of the flexibility of the system, any changes to the Broadcast system will have to be submitted to Customer Service at:


Unprocess a processed Lead

The ability to unprocess a lead request has just been made available to Administrators within the Delta Platform.

This feature is located on the main Administrative Leads screen under the Processed Leads (see screen shots below) section.

What are the benefits for you as an Administrator?

There are times when a lead has been processed by either an Agent or by an Administrator and there is the need to re-assign the lead to an Agent and have them process the lead as a new lead. This feature gives Administrators this ability.

How do you unprocess a lead?

There are 3 steps to unprocess the lead, here are the steps.

Step 1

Log in to the DeltaNet™ and go to the 'Leads' section under 'Leads & Contacts' on the Admin side of the DeltaNet™ and scroll to the bottom, for the 'Processed Leads (Last 7 Days)'

Step 2

Click the 'View' button to bring up the Portfolio information.

Step 3

Click the 'Unprocess' button.

Clicking on the Unprocess button will create a log entry with the old Process Date, Last Action Date, and View Date. The entry will be viewable in the syslog for the lead.


Q. Can an Agent unprocess a lead they have mistakenly processed?
A. No, only an Administrator has access to mark leads unprocessed.

Q. How long do I have to 'unprocess' a lead?
A. You have 7 days after the lead has been processed.

Leveraging Black Friday for your Real Estate business

Odds are, your mind will be on two things this week: Thanksgiving and holiday shopping.

Well, maybe

If you’re fortunate, it might also be on that contract you’re working on. But you know most people are probably like you, and buying or selling a home isn’t going to be their top priority over the next week. It might not even be for the next month.

You love the holidays and cherish the time you spend with your family. But you also know business isn’t typically occurring, and that means you’re not making money.

There’s not much you can do about that other than wait it out.

At least, that’s what you used to tell yourself. But things have changed over the years, including marketing.

“A new house” probably isn’t any more likely to make a realistic Christmas list than it is to be discounted for a Black Friday special. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have an opportunity to get a piece of the Black Friday pie, and it won’t even require you managing long overnight lines or selling discounted TVs at 4am.

You work in real estate, which means you help people buy and sell houses. But you do a lot more than that, don’t you? You’re a community expert. You help people decide on a home in an area where they choose to establish their lives. And that community becomes part of their lives for as long as they live there.

You work in the community as much as you work in real estate, because a community is made up of the people you helped move in it. And a community’s members have a lot of questions and search for a lot of interesting things.

One of those this week is certain to be “Black Friday deals.” Another will be “Thanksgiving recipes.”

If there’s one thing people want to do as much as find deals, it’s to get complimented on their unique new cooking ideas that stray from the norm.

And both provide you opportunities to connect with your real estate clients. Because your real estate clients are searching for this information on the Web, even when they’re not searching for homes for sale.

You're a Digital Realtor, and lucky for you, your real estate website allows you to do a lot more than just provide a real estate search. It allows you to provide information on your community in order to better connect with its members.

So you get the idea to write a blog post listing the local stores and areas people in your community can visit to take advantage of Black Friday specials. Maybe you write another talking about your Thanksgiving traditions, and you ask your readers to share their favorite ideas and recipes. You proceed to share those on your blog.

You do some homework and find some other recipes that might interest people, and you post those in your blog and on your Social Media accounts. And all this information is prominently displayed on your home page, and in search engines when people—some you’ve never met or done business with—search for things like Black Friday deals in their area.

What you just did was walk away from real estate for a moment. And in that moment, you became a real person with similar ideas and interests as your clients, who likely also walked away from real estate this week.

And you help them find those Black Friday specials when they search for them on Google, because you made a list of all local areas. And if it weren’t for your list, those people are probably just finding a bunch of websites of the same large corporations that that send them the same ads every year.

You’ve helped your clients and, perhaps, future clients categorize their lives in a time when they might be a bit stressed out and real estate is the last thing on their mind. And by doing so, you helped yourself—a real estate agent—stay fresh in their mind.

Sounds like it might be a recipe for a week to be thankful.

Contact Delta Media Group to find out how to begin using your real estate website as a community-building tool.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Using the Third Party Website Quick Search Widget

Have you ever wanted to place your Quick Search on a third party website (not affiliated with your website)? We give you to option to copy the HTML that is used to create the Quick Search, so it can be placed in a Blog or other third party websites.

What are the benefits for your Customer?

Your customers and their friends can search for listings (on any third party site you can place the HTML) just by entering search criteria in the search box. They are directed to your site to view the matching homes for sale. The customer does not have to find your website, once they search, they are sent to your website to continue looking at listings on your Agent page!

What are the benefits for you, the REALTOR®?

Your customers and friends can find you, without having to go to your website! They can just enter an address or city in the search bar and they are directed to your property search! You get more exposure with out having to do any more work.

How do you set this up on a third party site?

Every site is different in the way you will place the HTML, but the steps to place it are pretty much the same. I will use a Blog account as my example.

Step 1

Log in to the Deltanet® and go to your 'Links' under 'Website'.

Step 2

Go to the 'Third Party Website Quick Search Widget' section and copy the contents of the box.

Step 3

Log into your dashboard and create a new post.

Step 4

Click the 'HTML' button to access the HTML portion of the editor.

Step 5

Paste the copied HTML into the editor

Step 6

Click the 'Compose' button.

Step 7

Click the 'Publish' button to complete and publish new entry.


Q. Will this work on ant third party website?
A. Yes. Providing you have access to add HTML.

Q. Where will the customers that use this search be directed to?
A. The customer will be sent to the Agents' site from which the code was taken from.

Q. If I am part of a team, which Agent account should I use for the Quick Search?
A. You would want to use the 'Primary Team' site, so the customer will be sent there.

Q. Does this help me get leads?
A. Yes, if a customer creates a portfolio on your Agent page, they will become a customer in your Customer Center.

Q. Can I post this search on Facebook?
A. No. At this time you can not post HTML to Facebook.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The post-election real estate economy, and what it means to your customers

The election is over.

Regardless of who you did or didn't vote for, you're likely relieved about that.

That is, until you start thinking about the work that still needs to be done in the United States and abroad.

While housing has made a bit of a rebound, some economists have predicted the economy is far from stable, and could get worse before it gets much better.

It's a scary subject, and one that many might prefer to not think about. That is, unless they're considering making a large investment and concerned with what outside economic factors could impact that decision down the road.

As a real estate agent, you're probably not an economist. You're not a forecaster. You're not a stock market expert.

But to your clients, you are an expert on what might be their largest investment, and the only one that literally protects their family--their home.

You have a vested interest in learning what you can, and so do your clients. They lean on you for advise, and they've become more savvy to sorting through the politics--bad content and sales pitches--to find that which will truly help them make the best decision for their family and future.

While that may sound to some like an overwhelming task, it also presents you with an enormous opportunity. You can be the person your clients turn to in order to help them make their best decisions.

Your opportunities live in what has otherwise been a national economic trend. People turn to national outlets for news. Even local news outlets have leaned on syndicated stories. This allows for a larger spectrum of news, but it often comes at the cost of local stories presented in such a way that they're meaningful and relevant to your life.

The same is true for markets, particularly the real estate market. As the economy began turning in 2007, real estate markets took a dive. Some areas saw larger downward trends, and noticed them before other markets had been hit. These factors helped skew national home values and sales data, and large national real estate portals became sources of home data that consumers and the media began to rely on.

The public eye was on real estate, but not for the reasons you hoped it might be. As an agent, you probably struggled to combat some of the negative overall feel in the real estate industry at the time. In fact, you may find yourself often still fighting those battles. But once that fear is set in the mind of a consumer, you've found it difficult to combat.

The consumer wants to believe you when you say your market wasn't hit like some other markets were. He wants to trust when you tell him home prices are rebounding and he'll be able to sell his listing; that the bottom shouldn't drop out tomorrow.

But he has turned to what he has deemed the top real estate sources, and he has seen skewed data that has led him in a different direction. So you find yourself attempting to influence an already tainted decision, rather than helping to educate an interested but worried customer.

Sound familiar? Politics and the national economy aren't that much different.

You wished there was a way you could better control this; to get the message across from what you're seeing in the market. You wished you could more effectively tell the stories of the trends that are occurring in real estate, rather than battle those perceptions that the national media helped create.

As your own brand, you have this opportunity. You have the knowledge of the market, and the ability to tell your story. You can share information, and help your consumers better understand what they're up against in the real estate market, the local trends, and how they've changed in recent months.

Your Market Watch reports allow consumers to take a deeper look at this data. They can see what home inventory levels are doing in relation to home prices. They can follow your view on these changes through your blog, and see other national real estate trends there as well, because you can automatically source those to your blog just as a local news outlet might. And they can see this data without talking to you--their sales person. If they feel the information is rewarding enough that they can trust you, they'll reach out to you when the time is right. The reports won't make them feel "sold to," so that's a high possibility.

You can give your customers something other agents can't--a deeper, more intuitive look at the local market in a bumpy economy. And you can give them the peace of mind they're searching for when trying to make potentially the toughest decision of their lives in uncertain economic times. And you can do it all without making them feel like they're living through another election cycle or being fed general, national news that might not pertain to them.

Contact Delta Media Group for more information on how to help your clients better understand their real estate economies.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Giving your customers information by adding content to your Agent page & additional pages

By adding content to your Agent site, you will allow your customers access to the information you place there, so add information about the area you service or your specific skill set. The more information your customers have access to, the more informed they can be. Encourage your customers to do their own research by giving them access to the tools they need to educate themselves.

What are the benefits for your Customer?

Customers are all different and no two will search for properties the same. With this in mind, place a link for an atlas search (if you are on the Upgrade), right next to a property search, so they have access to both. Customers have been changing the way they buy, some are buyers and some need to be sold. Empower your customers to do their research, but offer them the help if they need it.

What are the benefits for you, the REALTOR®?

By giving your customers the information they can use to educate themselves, allows you to focus on the customers who need the expertise you posses to help them through one of the toughest decisions they will have to make in their lifetime, their home

How do you add content to the Agent page?

There are 4 steps to add content to your Agent Page. Here are the steps.

Step 1

Log in to the DeltaNet™ and go to your 'Overviews' under 'Website'.

Step 2

Scroll down to the section labeled 'Paragraph About You (Home Page)'.

Step 3

In this section you can enter text or pictures, you can even Hyper-Link the text and photos to go to a specific  page for information. Please use the Editor Manual, for specific functionality. The Editor Manual is available here.

Step 4

Once the content has been created, make sure to save or 'Update' the page, or they will be lost.

Creating a page in the pages system:

There are 5 steps to adding a page to your Agent website. Here are the steps.

Step 1

Log in to the DeltaNet™ and go to your 'Pages' under 'Website'.

Step 2

Click 'new page'

Step 3

In this section you can enter text or pictures, you can even Hyper-Link the text and photos to go to a specific  page for information. Please use the Editor Manual, for specific functionality. The Editor Manual is available here.

Step 4

Add a title for the link, select side or top link (if desired), add the 'Page Title', and any Meta or Key words you would like.

Step 5

Click 'Update'.


Q. How many pages can I create?
A. You can create 2 on the Standard website and 99 on the Upgraded website. Business cards can not create pages.

Q. Do I have to use the pages as side or top links?
A. No, you can create a page to be hyper-linked from inside an already created page, to give more information on a specific topic.

Q. Why should I create more than one page?
A. Creating relative content to be part of your website, increases the odds your customer will come back to your site to read the information, this is seen by the search engines as return traffic, this helps with your ranking with the search engines.

Q. Can I use the same content on several pages?
A. No, this is seen by the search engines as duplicate information and you are penalized for this.

Q. Can I copy content from another site?
A. No, You should not use content from another site without permission.