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Friday, November 30, 2012

Blog system changes catch up...

The real estate industry for a couple years has been preaching blogging, blogging, blogging...

We like the idea of blogging too.

Just think, you're reading this on Delta's blog right now so we're certainly committed to blogging as a method of communication and marketing.

The big problem for REALTORS® though is all the questions and problems that come with blogging.
  • What system do you use?
  • What do you write about?
  • How do you share your blog?
  • How do you get a blog setup?
  • Where do you even begin?
We saw this as a problem for well-meaning real estate professionals and we decided over a year ago to come-up with an easy to use blogging solution that works for REALTORS®.

In the past year we release our integrated blog platform. It was basic and we weren't sure how many agents would use the new blogging feature. Many did. Actually, more did than we thought would!

We started getting good feedback from agents and wanted to leverage social activity and what it could bring agents (website traffic). So we included social sharing tools not too long ago giving any reader the ability to easily share blog posts on social channels.

Then we integrated Facebook blog commenting tools. This is cool because the comments on your blog posts also go to Facebook thus helping with viral marketing.

After that was released we found that agents were writing posts but it sometimes took them a little time to write their posts so we released the ability to create blog posts drafts that can be worked on until they're ready to publish. A handful of the agents use this feature on a regular basis and this is great to use if you're doing a blog as a team so you can wait to post your blog articles until the post drafts have been reviewed.

Then a few months ago we found that agents were great at starting their blogs but they would really struggle with content. Or if an agent created a blog we thought it wasn't good that they were creating a blog with no content. So, we added the ability to include RSS feeds into our blogs and even put some default RSS feeds in our blog system such as Wall Street Journal, Inman, etc. This is cool because you can have a blog full of content getting updated daily the day your blog goes live!

This bring us to our latest change that was released this past week. We've given agents the ability to change which domain their blog is attached to. We don't want to get too technical but from an SEO perspective it's good to have your blog tied to one domain. This feature gives agents more control over where their blog exists and, if they make an accidental mistake during setup, they can move the blog. Really cool!

With all these features we have a strong, integrated blogging platform for real estate professionals. What we're really excited about is the features we're working on that you don't even know about yet that will be released in the near future! Watch for more exciting changes to our blogging platform in the upcoming weeks!

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