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Monday, November 26, 2012

Leveraging Black Friday for your Real Estate business

Odds are, your mind will be on two things this week: Thanksgiving and holiday shopping.

Well, maybe

If you’re fortunate, it might also be on that contract you’re working on. But you know most people are probably like you, and buying or selling a home isn’t going to be their top priority over the next week. It might not even be for the next month.

You love the holidays and cherish the time you spend with your family. But you also know business isn’t typically occurring, and that means you’re not making money.

There’s not much you can do about that other than wait it out.

At least, that’s what you used to tell yourself. But things have changed over the years, including marketing.

“A new house” probably isn’t any more likely to make a realistic Christmas list than it is to be discounted for a Black Friday special. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have an opportunity to get a piece of the Black Friday pie, and it won’t even require you managing long overnight lines or selling discounted TVs at 4am.

You work in real estate, which means you help people buy and sell houses. But you do a lot more than that, don’t you? You’re a community expert. You help people decide on a home in an area where they choose to establish their lives. And that community becomes part of their lives for as long as they live there.

You work in the community as much as you work in real estate, because a community is made up of the people you helped move in it. And a community’s members have a lot of questions and search for a lot of interesting things.

One of those this week is certain to be “Black Friday deals.” Another will be “Thanksgiving recipes.”

If there’s one thing people want to do as much as find deals, it’s to get complimented on their unique new cooking ideas that stray from the norm.

And both provide you opportunities to connect with your real estate clients. Because your real estate clients are searching for this information on the Web, even when they’re not searching for homes for sale.

You're a Digital Realtor, and lucky for you, your real estate website allows you to do a lot more than just provide a real estate search. It allows you to provide information on your community in order to better connect with its members.

So you get the idea to write a blog post listing the local stores and areas people in your community can visit to take advantage of Black Friday specials. Maybe you write another talking about your Thanksgiving traditions, and you ask your readers to share their favorite ideas and recipes. You proceed to share those on your blog.

You do some homework and find some other recipes that might interest people, and you post those in your blog and on your Social Media accounts. And all this information is prominently displayed on your home page, and in search engines when people—some you’ve never met or done business with—search for things like Black Friday deals in their area.

What you just did was walk away from real estate for a moment. And in that moment, you became a real person with similar ideas and interests as your clients, who likely also walked away from real estate this week.

And you help them find those Black Friday specials when they search for them on Google, because you made a list of all local areas. And if it weren’t for your list, those people are probably just finding a bunch of websites of the same large corporations that that send them the same ads every year.

You’ve helped your clients and, perhaps, future clients categorize their lives in a time when they might be a bit stressed out and real estate is the last thing on their mind. And by doing so, you helped yourself—a real estate agent—stay fresh in their mind.

Sounds like it might be a recipe for a week to be thankful.

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