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Friday, November 30, 2012

New Pocket Listing Fields

Three new fields have been added to the pocket listings system including Expiration Date, Property Tax and Room Size.

This gives more flexibility to the system and gives you the ability to share more property information on your websites.

What are the benefits for your Customer?

Your customers do more research than ever before, they may in some cases know as much as you do. Making sure your customer has the information available to them, allows them to do the research they have become accustom to and make the decision to give you a call, after all you had all of the information they were looking for.

What are the benefits for you, the REALTOR®?

The can help weed out the calls or Emails you would get, from customers looking for the Taxes or room size. The system will automatically remove the listing on the prescribed date, so no matter how busy you are, the listing is not showing when it should not be.

How do you set this up for your Customer?

There are three steps to create or Edit a Pocket Listing. Here are the steps.

Step 1

Log in to the DeltaNet™ and go to your 'Active Listings' under 'Listings'.

Step 2

Click 'Enter new Pocket Listing', or for an existing listing select the MLS ID a,d Click the link at the bottom of the page named 'Click here to edit Pocket Listing Information'.

Step 3

Fill out form (sections are color coded to denote the special Listing type: Rental and Commercial) to create a pocket listing. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Submit' to complete.



Q. Will my Listing be removed on the date I prescribe in the expiration date?
A. Yes the listing will be removed on the date entered.

Q. Can I add more rooms, to display the size?
A. Yes, You can keep adding rooms as needed.

Q. Can I reuse the Pocket Listing after it expires, or do I have to recreate it?
A. You can reuse the listing, it will be set as 'Inactive" so it can be reactivated.

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