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Friday, November 30, 2012

Spam lead checking system

We hate spam! And we're not talking about the spam that comes in a can, we're talking about the good-ole spam that you get in your email in-box.

We have all types of systems in place to stop spam on the tens of thousands of websites we do for the real estate industry but it's a never ending battle so we just added some more spam blocking system changes.

What just went live is an upgrade to our system that checks every lead to determine if it's spam. We can't get into the details of what was done, just in case one of you is a spammer, but we wanted to communicate some of what was done...

This round of changes is primarily used in the showing request systems we employ on our sites. This change is designed to help stop the spam that's manually entered and contains matching first name and last name and an invalid email address.

The project is currently checking for the email address domain. The spam leads that started this project, had email addresses similar to: or as examples.

The new system will take as input: first name, last name, and email. It will then check to see if the domain of the email address is real and if it supports email (i.e.: has mx records). If the email fails that test, then we will not create a lead but still show the spammer a success message. The first and last name are for future code to handle matching first and last names.

In the coming months rest assured that there will be ongoing changes to this system as there has been for the past couple years!

What are the benefits for Agents?

The leads received will be more qualified by having the potential Spam Leads blocked automatically.

What are the benefits to the Admin?

Less likelihood of Spam leads getting through the system and being assigned to the Agents makes life easier on all website administrators.

How do you set this up for your Agents?

You don't need to do anything...this is a system-wide change that was pushed to all web platforms for you.

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