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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Preparing your Online Marketing for profitability in 2013

We’re not far into the Christmas shopping season, but we already have early reports on how people are shopping.

Internet Retailer reports mobile shopping on Black Friday jumped 155 percent compared with average daily mobile traffic. And before Cyber Monday was even over, reports showed mobile shopping might have boosted it to be the biggest shopping day of the year.

These results might not surprise you, but their timeliness should.

Old reports are a thing of the past. Advertising campaigns, marketing initiatives and branding tactics used to take a considerable amount of time to measure.

But modern-day campaigns, which are often cheaper, more flexible and produce a better ROI, can often be measured in real time.

Ratings indicators and polls might work for TV shows, but Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Facebook Insights and other Lead Management and reporting programs can return results the day they’re happening. A short amount of time is all it takes to determine if a message is well-received, or whether it’s being received at all.

This means two important things for all businesses moving forward:
1. Companies must be results-driven.
2. Companies must be flexible.

And the two must work together, rather than in a vacuum.

Pre-scheduled, fixed budgets should be a thing of the past. Your fixed budget for 2012 might have accounted for Google+, but did it take into account Pinterest (which saw rapid growth in January), Facebook Sponsored Ads (which didn’t exist until the summer), or the possibility of your brokerage needing a new, more productive Web presence?

Do you feel any of those might have been helpful in your recent marketing strategies?

There’s no telling what 2013 will bring. There will be no shortage of “Top Ten” prediction lists coming over the next two weeks, but none of them have a magic ball that truly allows the author to see what the “next big thing” will be, or what major changes a significant company like Facebook might make that will undoubtably affect your marketing plans.

Those changes can heavily impact your business and be the difference in your profitability, especially if they deliver leads and Web traffic and your competitors implement a strategy for them while you’re in a holding pattern with a fixed budget.

Failure is not an option in a fragile economy and fast-paced digital world. And in order to compete, you have to create equally fast-paced Digital Realtors. This means budgeting for flexibility, knowing when to invest and what to invest in, measuring results, and cutting those programs that aren’t producing results for your brokerage.

And in order to see what’s working, you need a Real Estate technology partner that integrates new outside technologies, leverages the most popular and most recent Social Networks, and provides detailed reporting to allow you to see what is and isn’t working, lets your agents see how much business your brokerage is driving them, and lets their customers see if your brokerage is helping sell their listings.

These are integral pieces for your online marketing strategy, and pieces we'reis preparing you brokerage and agents for. Contact Delta Media Group for more information.

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