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Friday, December 21, 2012

Relax over Christmas, and forget about Real Estate

No one can really blame you.

You were rushed throughout the day. You had two appointments scheduled. You stopped by the office to drop off some papers. Your spouse asked that you pick up a few items on the way home. And you needed to hurry, because you needed to pack, because you needed to hit the road to make it to the in-law’s in time.

The worst part of the day was over, and only a three-hour drive stood between you and a relaxing, long-awaited five-day Christmas trip with your family.

Until about halfway through that drive, when you realized you had a few follow-up items listed on your calendar, which you left in the office. You couldn’t call, because no one would be there for the next few days. And you know you promised that less-than-patient client you’d have an answer to them within the next day…if you only knew how to reach them.

Isn’t that the way it always works?

Throughout your entire real estate career, you can think of plenty of times where this exact scenario occurred. You’ve reminded yourself and reminded yourself again, with mental notes, physical notes and timed reminders, to NOT forget the most important thing you need to remember before leaving the office for an extended period of time. And yet, it kept occurring, because that’s human nature.

The reminder of these events alone was enough to put you in a panic. You couldn’t turn around now or else your family might boot you from the car and finish the trip on their own. But not having your calendar might be enough to lose a client, which might be enough to significantly cut into January’s earnings.

That was a panic you had felt before, and the very thought of the feeling made your hair stand on end.

But it’s not a problem you have to face this year. For the first time in your professional life, your entire real estate business fits neatly in your pocket in the way of a smartphone. Because for the first time in your professional life, you have the accessibility to access all elements of your business from your phone.

Your calendar is synced to your smartphone, which gives you mobile access to your entire customer database.

You can access all contacts while sitting with the family around the fire. You can send follow-up emails while sipping another eggnog. You can check your schedule and start mapping out next month’s appointments while finishing dessert. And your to-do list is there as well, giving you the reminders you wrote out before rushing out for the week.

The point of leaving town was to leave business at home. But your business is such that you can’t walk away from it entirely. Whether you choose to travel with your business or not, your business has the capability of traveling with you.

It’s all part of you becoming a Digital Realtor, and making your business mobile and more mobile as the world continues to turn in that direction.

You’ve thought long and hard about the direction you’re going and where you want to take your business. And made a plan to be more profitable in real estate in 2013. Now, you can take that plan with you while taking steps toward profitability and eliminating the worries that used to plague your family trips.

Merry Christmas, from Delta Media Group.
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