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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Searching for your online marketing strategy

Did you travel in the past few weeks?

If not, maybe you know someone who did.

Thanksgiving is often one of the largest travel weeks of the year.

And when people get to where they’re going, they start thinking about where to go and what to do from there.

That could be limited to asking a friend or relative the answer. But there’s a good chance it will involve some sort of search.

What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when you think of search?

Maybe it used to be shuffling through newspapers on Thanksgiving Day to find the Black Friday ads you wanted to see.

But today, it’s probably Google, or maybe another search engine.

While your aunt is pulling out the newspaper, you’re checking your mobile phone for those ads on an app you downloaded.

And when you drove with your aunt to the store, it might be in a car that allows you to search for local stores and restaurants. Or maybe you do that on the map in your phone.

The truth is, search is so much more than your desktop, and so much more than Google, even.

Search is the organization of data, and we live in a data-centric world in which technological advancements allow us to search through trillions of files of data and find the exact answer we’re searching for in seconds.

That kind of search is where everything begins. In particular, it’s where you find your future clients, because it’s how your future clients find you.

Search has to be part of your strategy, if it isn’t already. The future of your business will be decided upon how easily consumers can find you, find your listings, find other area listings through the property searches you offer, find testimonials on your service, and find information on the area they’re interested in, which you’ll provide.

So your future online marketing strategy has to involve an infrastructure that allows you to be found, and to offer the types of things people are searching for. That means an easy property search with IDX listings that are indexed by and displayed in Google searches.

But it also means a strong strategy for those searching by mobile, a strategy for those doing homework on Social Media, a video strategy and a community engagement strategy. It means an entire content strategy, which encompasses all your different Web mediums so that your future clients can find you no matter how they prefer to search.

The future of your business depends on search, which depends on your ability to be found. And your ability to be found depends on your digital capabilities.

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