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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Minimum rental lead price settings added

With the ever growing market of rental properties and the large number of MLS' that have adopted rental listing support, it's becoming more and more important to support the business of rental properties.

Because of this, Delta has been working on numerous changes and one of these changes went live today. Our system now supports settings for rental leads for Realtors® wishing to control the criteria of their rental leads.

As of today, Realtors® are able to specify a minimum rental price for rental property leads. This means if a Realtor® wants to only receive leads on rentals priced $800 per month or higher they can set a minimum rental lead setting of $800 within the DeltaNet™.

To set your minimum rental price setting as a Realtor® log into the DeltaNet™ and select your lead settings. On the lead setting screen you're able to set your minimum rental price.

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