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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New mobile home page options released

[Updated 01-30-2013 @ 12:38PM EDT - Updated link to video with audio]

If you care at all about your marketing you need to realize right now that mobile as a marketing channel is huge and it's here to stay.

(Check out this YouTube video where we talk about mobile trending.)

Because of this ever-evolving and growing marketing channel within the residential real estate vertical we've been continually evolving our mobile platform for Realtors®.

The latest change is the addition of a custom home page option on our mobile platform. With this change Realtors® and real estate companies using our mobile platform can control their user's mobile experience.

To illustrate the changes we've made we put together a YouTube video showing how the new home page options work on our mobile real estate website platform. Check out the video...

To help illustrate this new feature on our mobile platform here are a few screen shots from the DeltaNet™showing the administrative screens for the new mobile home page options...

How do you set this up for your Company?

There are 8 steps to make the custom mobile company home page. Here are the steps:

Step 1

Log in to the DeltaNet™  (be sure you are on the Admin side)and go to your 'Mobile Settings' under 'More' and 'Preferences'.

Step 2

Select 'Home Page'.

Step 3

Click the drop down and select 'Custom Home Page'.

Step 4

You can choose to add other page links to the homepage. Click drop down and select the link to be displayed and click 'Add'.

Step 5

You may choose to edit the Icons that are used. To do this, click on the 'Edit' button.

Step 6

Choose Icon from the displayed icons.

Step 7

You can also remove links, by clicking the 'Remove' next to the link to be removed.

Step 8

Click 'Save' to update the changes.


Q. If my company sets up their Mobile site differently, will it affect mine?
A. No, The Agent settings only apply to the Agent site, when on the company site, those preferences will be as they have been set up in the DeltaNet™.

Q. Can I change the links on my Agent Mobile site more than once?
A. Yes, you can change the links as needed.

Q. I want to add a link to my sold listings, can I?
A. Yes, you can add your sold listings or any other page you currently have in the 'Pages System'.

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