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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Widget based customer dashboard new feature added

We just launched a change to our widget based MyPortfolio System making the system more intuitive for customers that are actively using the system over an extended period of time.

We changed the Saved Listings Widget to continue showing saved listings that are now off-market. This would include sold, expired, withdrawn, and in some markets pending listings.

Previously when a listing went inactive we would no longer show them since they were out of the active inventory of properties. In some cases this would cause confusion with customers and would cause some customers to wonder where their saved properties went.

To address these concerns and other customers can now see all their saved properties including inactive properties. As you can see from the screen shot on this page we do show a status to the customer of 'Inactive' to communicate with them that the property is no longer active.

With this change customers are also given an easy method for deleting all inactive properties from their Saved Listings Widget. To do this they just click on the tool icon in the widget header and from the settings control panel for the Saved Listings Widget they are able to delete all inactive listings. They also still have the ability to delete them one-by-one like all other saved listings directly from the widget itself.

Earlier today we did a post including a video about the widget based MyPortfolio System and how it was launched on all websites today. You can see that post here.

If you have any questions about this new feature please contact us at
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