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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Agents can easily select their Lead Generation settings

A new page was just launched in the DeltaNet™ making it easier for agents to select their Lead Generation Settings for their personal web site.

The new page, titled Lead Generation, is located under the Customer Center Menu. You can see a screen shot of the menu to the right.

Once an agent logs into the DeltaNet™ and selects Lead Generation from the Customer Center Menu they will see a page very similar to the one shown below. This page gives the agent six various options for generating leads. If no changes have been made the 'Soft Customer Offers' option will already be selected and highlighted in green.

To best explain each of the settings and how the system works we've created a YouTube video. The YouTube video explains each setting, what each setting does, and what level of the Delta System is required to use each option.

Check out the video...

Sample new listing email offer *Patent Pending
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