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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Capitalize on your Real Estate Conversion Rate

So you’ve established your online real estate business is important.

You’ve bought into the data behind how consumers are shopping, the latest digital marketing trends, Social Media, and that your real estate Web presence can directly translate to sales.

For some in the industry, this has been the topic of conversation for several years. For others, email is still a learning process.

Regardless of where you stand in the digital learning curve, by reading this blog you have recognized that sending traffic to your real estate website is important.

But what do you think your traffic does when it arrives there?

If you’re doing things right, your website visitors are finding what they’re looking for and asking for more information about it. That means they’re asking a question, scheduling a showing, or maybe just creating a portfolio on your website so they can save a listing for easy access at a later time.

In Web terminology, they’re converting to leads, which opens the door for you to later convert them to sales.

Regardless of the industry, the key to online conversion is a good website. In eCommerce, that means user experience—which includes design, navigation and search capabilities—and good part detail pages with that easily allow shoppers add items to their carts.

We know that real estate shoppers are different in that they're not entering a credit card or using PayPal to purchase a house. But they’re still looking for great search capabilities and a well designed, easy-to-navigate listing page (it helps if that listing page gives extra incentives to boost SEO, but that’s another topic).

A good real estate search allows a visitor to easily find the proeprty they’re looking. A good listing detail page allows them to quickly and easily investigate the key details of the listing once they’ve arrived, and effortlessly request more information if they’re interested.

These components combine to help boost your conversion rate—which is the percentage of those who submit a lead after visiting your listing detail page.

That’s what goes through our heads when we constantly work on new updates, like the newly redesigned property detail pages on our mobile website.

The attention-getter on the page is the listing photo, because that’s what your website visitors want to see most. The touch of a button and a few swipes shows the visitor all other listing photos in full screen. Below the image is additional information on the property.

But the meat of the listing detail page is the call to action. And there are many.

The top of the page features tabs that allow visitors to quickly return to the menu, email the property, get driving directions, save it to their portfolios or call the agent. At the bottom of the page they can enter the day and time they want to schedule a showing. That lead will be routed instantly through your DeltaNet lead management system.

The user experience is as good as it gets, and will make it easy and fun for visitors to shop for homes on their mobile phones. This is a task that used to be difficult, forcing consumers to long for the weekend to drive around looking at houses, or wait to shop for properties until their lunch breaks or when they got home and could use their PCs.

We know mobile isn’t the future, but the now. And we know it’s absolutely essential for a real estate company to have a good Web presence, and a good mobile presence, and a great user experience, and solid calls to action so all those things translate to leads, which route through a great lead management system and translate to sales.

We feel our new mobile website updates absolutely nail each of those elements.

Tell us what you think. And contact Delta Media Group for more information on our mobile real estate websites.
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