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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Earn - and Retain - More Real Estate Business

With the real estate market going in the direction it is, earning new customers is probably top of mind.

Leads are increasing, home sales are increasing, and analysts are expecting prices and home sales to continue to increase.

It all adds up to more business opportunities for your business, and you’re very aware of what it takes to win them.

That’s a lot of work…and what you might not be thinking about is keeping the business you’ve already earned.

You worked hard on your listing presentation. You wrote it up, assembled statistics, asked for and received a lot of great references, and invested in great real estate technologies to help boost your online presence.

You assembled those in a presentation, rehearsed it, and over the years it helped you earn a lot of listings.

As is the nature of the business, not all those listings sold. And while you were earning new business, some contracts were approaching their expiration dates.

You didn’t really think about them, because you assumed you’d already sold yourself to the home owners. It might just take a bit more time to sell the listing, and you had a lot of work to do to earn a lot more new, exciting business.

In the old days, that might have worked. But it’s a new day and age, and customers that feel ignored also feel like they can find someone who might better help them.

And the biggest reason is the communication channels have changed.

The client whose trust you earned five months ago might be Facebook friends with a real estate agent he didn’t choose to work with the first time around. But since, he has started wondering if you are working for him.

He thought about the other agent, who works so hard on her real estate blog and Social Media channels. He wondered if she might work a bit harder than you, even though her resume was less impressive the first time around.

Your customer reaches out to her, and he starts feeling better about using her as an agent. And your listing contract is about to expire, and she might just have earned his business.

Maybe you’ll replace her with three new clients. Maybe you have a few listings to close that will certainly result in GCI. But that client took a lot of time from you to earn six months ago, and all that time is for naught, now.

You win some, you lose some. You can’t win them all.

At least, you tell yourself those two things as you see your business walk out your door, and into that of a competing agent or brokerage.

And you begin to realize, sometimes your best source of new business is working better with your old business. It’s never as easy to earn a new customer, as it is to keep an old one.

We realized as much when consulting with brokerages a while back, and we built our real estate technology systems to help you do it.

We created a customer relationship platform, Seller Reports and a sophisticated and intelligent Market Watch email report. We have consistently updated each with new features that better integrate with the fabric of how our society conducts an ever-changing business. All are fantastic sources of new information, and they’re all automated to help you better save time while keeping in constant contact with your clients.

But a personal touch helps, too. And we also built our systems to make that as easy and convenient as possible. Whether it be from your desktop or laptop, or tablet or smartphone, you can easily reach out to your clients using Delta Media Group’s systems.

And you can easily find your clients’ information, download and print off their files, set up reminders of how to follow-up with them, or put them in buyer profiles where the system is automated to remind you.

Your real estate Web systems helped you earn your business. But they can just as easily help you retain it, help you convert it to closed business, and help you keep in communication long after the transaction is complete so you can better earn referrals and more testimonials for that next nifty listing presentation you assemble.

Contact Delta Media Group to learn more about earning and retaining more real estate business.
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