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Thursday, February 21, 2013

What a good SEO partnership looks like

I have the opportunity to spend time with quite a few company owners. Owners of not just real estate companies but also owners of all types of companies like marketing companies, manufacturing companies, transportation companies, construction companies and even other dot-com's.

What I've come to learn over the years is that a common thread exists between many of these companies. This common thread I'm talking about is how companies view Search Engine Optimization,  better known as SEO.

Since SEO is a service that is offered by Delta Media Group I've been able to focus in on how companies actually view SEO.

If you ask just about any company owner to explain SEO to you they way say they have "no idea" what it really is. Some would even say that they know they need it but they don't like it. If they're really honest many would say that they hate it!

Instead of focusing intently on the negative side of this view I thought I should do a blog post that would focus on the positive side of SEO. What does a relationship look like with companies that do great with SEO?

To do this I've selected one customer of Delta Media Group where we have done SEO for them for over two years and focus a little bit on them and the relationship.

First, let me just show you some of the traffic graphs from the past two and one-half years. I think they're self-explainitory but I'll also do my best to explain what's going on.

The first graph is from Google Analytics and shows the total traffic graphed by month. As you can see from the graph the traffic has doubled in about 18 months. This is no small feat with this site given how high the traffic is on the site already. Keep in mind that this traffic graph is for one real estate website in one market. As you can see from this graph they're currently doing about 200,000 visits per month. The graph shows the growth in website traffic and the trending that the traffic is following. It's a very positive trend!

Total visits by month
The second graph, also from Google Analytics, shows total mobile traffic graphed by month. The reason I'm showing this graph is because of the intense effort Delta Media Group has put into the mobile platform and how we've built our mobile platform for a great mobile user experience and for SEO. As you can see from this graph the site is now getting over 60,000 visitors per month from mobile. The mobile traffic segment is VERY important to us. This is the future! By the end of 2013 we expect this to be about half the total traffic of this website.

Mobile visits by month
While I don't have a leads graph to share I can share that the leads on this website have grown significantly more than the traffic in the past 18 moths. Through Delta's continued effort in doing a better job of customer engagement we're generating more leads than ever on our sites. This site is generating thousands of new leads per month. That's big and really important! It's also very important for the e-marketing efforts being done (more on this in a later blog post).

With this said, the question I would like to answer is "what makes these types of results possible?"

Is it a simple answer of just writing a check every month for SEO related work? No, it's not that simple.

While it does take a marketing dollar commitment on the part of the company, and a competent company providing SEO service, like Delta Media Group, it takes much more.

So, what does it take?

I've outlined four thoughts that are critical to getting great SEO results from your website.

A true partnership between your SEO provider and your company

In order to achieve results like this, especially results that build on top of results, it takes a close working relationship between your staff and the staff of your SEO provider, like Delta. This working relationship we like to view as a partnership. We're both working towards the same goal - to get your company more business online. In order to be successful in this there must be open dialogue and a 'working relationship' where both companies are working together almost as one. At Delta we like to think that we're just an extension of the staff within your company. That's the attitude that's needed.

Trust, especially where trust has been earned or proven to be deserved

I've seen too many cases where someone thinks they know more than we know about SEO at Delta. We're fanatical about SEO and sometime maybe a little too 'geeky' with SEO. But the bottom line is that we really know what we're doing. Any SEO company that you partner with should have your trust. Now, I'm a business owner too, so I know that trust isn't just given to anyone. But, we've seen it happen too many times where advice isn't taken and a company completely destroys their SEO. Unfortunately saying 'I told you so' really doesn't help solve the situation. But, earned trust by your SEO provider is critical to get great results.

Communication and establishment of clear business objectives and goals

I like goals. How else to we really accomplish anything. And, if we do accomplish something how do we know if it was 'success' or not. The only way to do this is to have clear goals and business objectives. This hold true for SEO as well. What is your goal? Have these goals been communicated with your SEO partner? Personally, I like to have goals that specifically track the number of leads generated. If you're generating 100 leads per month and want to generate 200 then set the goal and see what it would take to hit that goal. Keep in mind that hitting the goal may involve more than SEO. It may also involve site changes.

Realize that SEO is an activity of Marketing and should be budgeted that way

Pure and simple you should be able to cut marketing dollars from other places and re-allocate those marketing dollars to SEO. SEO is one of the modern day ways of 'making the phone ring' just like newspaper ads did ten years ago. At Delta we LOVE being involved with our customers in analyzing their marketing dollars. In many cases we're able to help our SEO customers capture more leads through marketing dollars that are spent elsewhere giving our customers a higher Return On Investment (ROI) with marketing dollars spent.

If you want to really grow your online marketing and SEO you need a strong partner, you need to be working with Delta Media Group. Contact us today to see how we can help you grow your business.

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