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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Property Management Web Sites from Delta

While we're known for our award winning lead management platform and residential real estate web sites we also offer other products.

One such product that we offer are Property Management Web Sites.

While the needs vary from company-to-company some features are fairly common for property management web sites. In our property management platform we have the following commonly used features...

  • Rental Property Search - Powered by MLS Rental listings as well as our Pocket Listing System.
  • Online Secure Rental Application Form - We offer the ability to have secure online rental applications for your rental customers.
  • Online Maintenance Request Forms - Give your renters the option of using your web site to contact you for maintenance requests.
  • Online Form Access - Give your customers access to common forms online such as 30-Day Notice Forms, Rental Application Forms, Property Owner Forms and more.
If you have a Rental Division or Property Management Division within your company contact us today to discuss your options with Delta Media Group at 1-866-233-9833 or contact us on our website at

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