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Friday, February 1, 2013

While Trulia just released it's Continuous Data Cycle System Delta's Data On Demand System has been working for over 12 years

A few days ago Trulia announced a new feature with their data processing system called continuous data cycle. You can read the full press release over on if you like.

We think this move by Trulia is a great move. It's great for Trulia and will help them improve their SEO and offer and sell new features to the agents and companies providing this listing data to them for free. They have even 'tagged' this upgrade as proving customers "the most accurate real estate listings."

At Delta Media Group we believe having up-to-date and accurate listing data is important. So important, in fact, that over five years ago we began updating our MLS feeds for our brokerage and agent websites as frequently as every five minutes through a system we call Data On Demand, or DOD.

Did we say every 5 minutes? Yes, we said every five minutes.

That means that Delta customers for the past five years have enjoyed updated listing data and listing photos in as little as five minute increments in some markets.

While it's great to update data quickly but we're also very concerned with data accuracy. For over twelve years Delta has used our DOD System also as an internal feed management tool that monitors, tracks and reports data feed accuracy and integrity to our staff. Because of Data On Demand we've been able to provide reliable data to our customers over the years. (Below are a few screen shots of our Data On Demand System management interface.)

It really feels good to be an innovator and a leader in the real estate industry!

MLS Data Process Monitoring System Reporting Code Legend

MLS Listing Photo processing log for a large MLS

MLS Listing Data processing log for a large MLS

Delta's MLS Data Process Monitoring System Overview Screen...we like green!
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