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Thursday, March 21, 2013

MyPortfolio Upgraded for Customers

Delta's MyPortfolio Platform has been upgraded for all customers.

The upgrade pushed live this week makes it easier for your customers to manage their saved properties in various ways.

First, we changed how customers can manage their saved properties that are no longer on the market giving them an easier method to bulk delete these properties. We this change on both the full site and mobile site.

This change was done to avoid confusion for the end user when their saved listings seemingly disappear without knowing why. The inactive listings are clearly marked 'Inactive' and you cannot click through to the detail page. On the full site we added an option to delete all inactive listings.

Second, we made specific changes to the MyPortfolio Platform on mobile sites. We split up the saved searches and saved listings into separate pages. On the saved listings results page we added an 'Edit Listing' button which opens up a panel with two options, save/unsave and edit comments. Clicking on edit comment opens a new page where a listing comment can be added or edited.

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