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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Home warranty status support added to help you market properties better

We're continually adding new features to our platform. If you watch our blog and our Facebook Page you already know this.

The latest feature we added to our data translation system is the support for home warranty information coming from an MLS feed.

This may seem trivial, but in some real estate markets home warranty information may matter on the selling and listing side. 

For some companies, a home warranty is a differentiator. It's used to get listings. In cases like this, you may want to show if a listing has a warranty or not on your web sites.

So, we've added support for 'home warranty' status on listings on our IDX listing feeds. 

In order to get the home warranty field added to your MLS translation and to your real estate property search display you will want to contact our customer service department. We would be happy to get this added for you provided your MLS makes the data available!
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