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Friday, May 10, 2013

A Real Estate Mother's Day post (that men might want to read, too)

If you're a real estate agent, there’s a 60% chance you're female, per NAR data.

The other 40% of you at least know a female, whether you're dating one, married to one, or related to one.

And all of you ultimately came from one.

This is a Mother's Day post, but obviously it applies to a lot more than just the mothers out there.

This Sunday is YOUR day.

That might be extra difficult for you to accept, because you're used to doing it all. If it's real estate, it's showings, schedulings, call-backs, and open houses.

If its at home, it's emails and checking your many leads, in addition to your daily home activities, whether they be general clean-up, yard work, or just settling down the all-too-hyper-because-it's-Sunday-and-school-ends-soon children.

Hopefully they did something nice for you, and maybe you enjoyed your breakfast in bed, even if it had a few small pieces of eggshell in it.

If you're lucky, they might have even cleaned the kitchen after they were finished, meaning you might have to unclog the sink later.

Then it's off to your regular tasks, interrupted by maybe enjoying a nice lunch or dinner at some point, then possibly cleaning up after that before putting the rugrats darlings to bed.

Slow down there, partner! Didn't we say you should try and enjoy your day?

Truth be told, there’s not much we can do to help with raising your children, cleaning your house, or keeping everyday chaos in check.

There is something we can do to help with your professional tasks, however. Actually, there are a number of things we can do.

For one, we can automate your follow-up with customers. Not able to respond to leads that day? Your automated follow-up system has you covered.

Don’t feel like sending emails to your clients? There’s an automated route for that as well.

Worried that the owners of that house you’re listing will bug you for updates of progress over the past week? Your Seller Reports (with new features) will give them exactly what they’re looking for…automatically.

Want to post a blog entry that day because you typically do on Sundays? You can use our blogging platform to preschedule one to go live, and give the appearance that—yep--you are working your tail off, even on Mother’s Day.

And, perhaps most important, your leads won’t stop pouring in without you manning the phones or responding immediately to emails, because your real estate website has the best property search and lead generation features available, and your mobile real estate website (also with some great new updates) is the easiest to use in the market.

Now for the 40 percent of you who might have thought we weren’t talking directly to you in this post. Think of what you might be able to do for your wife or mother with the extra time you have because you were savvy enough to utilize these features as well. Heck, consider how much more time it might give you to watch sports each Sunday. Now you’re thinking…

We can’t help with everything this Sunday, but we can help get you through business so everything else seems a bit easier.

Happy Mother’s Day, from all of us at Delta Media Group!
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