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Monday, May 20, 2013

Browsing for the best resources to benefit your real estate business

There are a number of resources you could read to benefit your real estate business.

Maybe you read to inspire yourself, or to learn about the new marketing initiatives, or to keep on top of market trends.

If you’ve made it this far, hopefully we’ve made your list of good real estate resources to read.

You may follow some others, like, or Seth Godin’s famous marketing blog.

Godin is a best-selling author, and considered among the best in marketing and branding. He targeted the real estate industry in a recent blog post when he wrote:

“But, while these interactions and transactions have been growing, the amount of time we spend online and the number of pages we visit have gone up dramatically faster…"
Godin went on to use the following example:
“This thinking explains why good real estate sites are so mobile-friendly (and why mobile is so real-estate-friendly). If you're sitting in front of a house that's for sale and take the time to look up the information, you're exactly the right person in exactly the right place.”
The key Godin hit on is “good” real estate sites are mobile-friendly. We’ve long talked about mobile, and how important it is to modern-day business. But sometimes it helps to take a step back and remember exactly why.

In the case of real estate, a good mobile website is so important because it parlays exactly into the type of browsing a consumer wants to do, rather than that they’re required to.

Required browsing in real estate is sitting on the computer for, potentially, countless hours looking at house after house to try to find the one that your wife might like enough to agree to go through at some point, simply because you know you want to find something better.

Browsing takes on an entirely different meaning when it’s the type of browsing you want to do. That might be on mobile, because browsing on mobile means you’re likely searching for something on the go, or something you unexpectedly found but need more information on right now.

“On the go” means you might have found a house in an area that just might fit the bill, and you’re hopping on your phone to quickly find the details to quickly see if it’s something you want to pursue further.

If not, you’ve at least taken action when the time was right. If so, you’ve scheduled the ability to take further action, which will definitely take you closer to a transaction that countless hours of mundane research will.

Sometimes it helps to take a step back and research what it is that might make you better at what you do. And sometimes it helps to evaluate the philosophy that brought you to what it is you invest in, and what that investment means on a deeper level than just the surface situation of another offering that could help you make another sale.

While browsing your business and real estate education options, remember how it is consumers browse what’s important to them. Take action on those items, and you will better help others take action on the properties they’re looking to invest in.

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