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Thursday, May 23, 2013

New, proven strategy to boost your real estate sales

You’ve been looking for a while, and you never really stop.

“What can I do to improve my real estate sales,” you think to yourself.

You remember back to a time when you used to wonder the same, before you became an established real estate agent.

You had just gotten into the industry. You were dying to get your first listing, and your first sale. Your entire goal was just to get over that “first sale” hump, and you knew from there you could get the momentum going and just keep pushing yourself to “established agent” status rather than the stigma of being a rookie.

There was a time, however brief, that the obstacle might have seemed a bit insurmountable. But you climbed that mountain, and once you did you climbed more of them, and you did it more often.

Years have gone by, and you’re as far removed from being a rookie as you are from your rotary phone. But one thing has never changed in all your time and experience as a real estate agent — you’ve never stopped asking yourself what you can do to get better.

That’s the reason you’ve been successful — that determination to always improve. But at times it has also driven you crazy, and you’ve questioned your ability to concentrate on much else.

Some of the newer items discussed in recent years include a website, followed by a mobile website, and a blog, and Social Networks, and utilizing video, and many additional tech developments you’ve considered utilizing.

Some you’ve embraced, while you’ve scoffed at others. You’ve tried a few, but maybe didn’t fully commit to them. Some of those were tough to measure, so you didn’t see quick results and didn’t want to dedicate too much time to them.

A new study supports some of those suggestions for the agent looking to increase sales. It concluded that 78 percent of salespeople using social media outsold their peers in 2012.

How can this be? It’s all part of a book and study by Jim Keenan, who has worked to push salespeople from cold calling to Twitter, from constant calling to informative content…”from the old world into the social world.”

The study went on to highlight a few other points:
• Social media users were 23% more successful than their non-social media peers at exceeding sales quota by at least 10%.
• Non-social media users missed sales quota (by 10% or more) 15% more often than their social media-using peers.
• More than half of respondents tracked their social media usage to at least one closed deal.
• 50.1% of sales people who reported using social media spent less than 10% of their selling time using social.
• The top-selling social sites were, in order: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Google+, other.
• Nearly 75% of those surveyed have not received formal social media training.

These numbers beg the question: is social media now a must-have for a salesperson? (We’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below).

However you view it, social media is another tool to add to your arsenal to help improve your real estate sales. That’s why we’ve developed our real estate websites to seamlessly link to and work with all your social media accounts. It’s why we’ve added options for your customers to easily share your website and listings on your website directly to their social media channels. It’s why we’ve created an integrated blogging platform. And it’s why we continuously blog ourselves, and always look for new information that can help you better improve your real estate business.

Need help utilizing social media, blogging, mobile, and an improved real estate website? Contact Delta Media Group for more information.
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