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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our Mobile Real Estate platform for Companies and REALTORS® keeps getting better

More upgrades are being launched today on our mobile real estate platform for Companies and REALTORS®.

This ten minute video showcases the major features of our mobile platform. If you have more detailed questions about the platform it's best to reach out to us at

Specifically, the latest updates being pushed live today bring Delta's popular Quick Search feature to our mobile platform.

With this update you get two specific new features:

1. The quick search field will mimic the quick search on the desktop web sites
2. You now have the option of defaulting the quick search to a search result list or a map view

It's the second feature that we believe will get the most attention. The ability to have both map-based GPS style search for real estate along with a search form that goes to a search result list.

Check out the video...if you have questions about this upgrade or would like to add this to your web site please contact us at

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