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Monday, July 15, 2013

Delta Media Group introduces DeltaThemes: The next evolution in customizable agent websites

Delta Media group is excited to announce DeltaThemes, offering brand new design functionality for our Agent customers.

The new easy-to-use themes allow for nearly unlimited customization of agent websites.  In fact, Agents will now be able to personally change the entire look of their website, including their site's color scheme, menu builder navigation and header graphics in only a few minutes.

These database-driven themes now give customers:
  • the flexibility to add their own creative flair or match the look and feel of their Broker's site
  • the ability to select their own colors and header images
  • the modern look of wider templates
  • modern, customizable drop-down navigation menus and footers
  • four new DeltaThemes layouts to choose from
Although Delta Media Group has always offered customization to our agents, with DeltaThemes agents now have much more personal control and can completely change the look of their website whenever they like.

"I'm really excited that we're launching the next evolution of our real estate website tools for REALTORS®. Many agents over the last couple years have opted for WordPress powered web sites. They wanted control and flexibility, not realizing that we have a better alternative that is more flexible, easier to customize, and fully integrated with their real estate business. With the launch of DeltaThemes we're offering even more customization in an easy to use platform," says Delta Media Group President Mike Minard.

The following screenshots illustrate the same base theme, customized with a completely different look in a just few short minutes:

DeltaTheme custom design sample- version 1

DeltaTheme custom design sample- version 2

DeltaTheme custom design sample- version 3

This is just the beginning development phase for DeltaThemes.  Delta Media Group is developing future functionality and feature updates that will include:
  • enhanced color-pickers
  • previewing in real time
  • in-line editing 
  • additional DeltaTheme base layouts

Agents can find their new DeltaThemes in the "Website" tab of DeltaNet (see screenshot below):

Agents can navigate to the new themes in DeltaNet by selecting Website > Site Design > Custom Header

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