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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Introducing New Lead Automation Features That Drive Business And Save Time

Delta Media Group has released an important lead automation feature set to drive business for the Brokerage and increase efficiency for the Admin. 

Enabling this feature set will allow for the automated processing of My Home Finder, My Portfolio, and Photo Portfolio Leads, that then trigger an auto-response customer greeting email.  The greeting emails are customizable and can be set to delivered at times pre-specified by you.

These tools were put in place to help lead administrators handle the large number of leads generated from My Homefinder, My Portfolio, and Photo Portfolio requests.

This functionality must be enabled by an admin.  Here's how it works...
  • If the lead comes in during 'On' or 'Queue' hours then the lead will be auto-processed. 
  • A greeting email will be scheduled to go out to the customer after the specified time period.
  • If the customer makes another request (email, showing, etc.) before the greeting email goes out then the greeting email will be canceled. 
  • The greeting emails can be customized on the admin side of the DeltaNet™ under More->Preferences->Messages in the 'CUSTOMER OFFER GREETING EMAILS' section. 
We have created a video that explains this feature set's benefits and functionality in detail. 
Watch this video to see step by step instructions on:
  • Selecting a lead administrator
  • Enabling auto-generation of leads
  • Configuring your auto-process settings
  • Customizing messaging of auto-generated greeting emails
  • Customizing delivery timing of auto-generated greeting emails

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