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Monday, September 30, 2013

Mobile Customers Require Mobile Agents: Introducing the Most Advanced Mobile CRM Yet

The ability for you to do business while on the go is now more important that ever.

It’s no longer a bonus. It’s no longer a nice advantage...

It is the future of Real Estate business!

At Delta Media Group, we understand this growing business requirement, and we’ve paved the path to help you get there with the fully mobile CRM for REALTORS, Mobile DeltaNet™ (version 3.0).
Delta Media Group's Mobile DeltaNet™
Who do 40% of current real estate shoppers work with?

If you don’t have a top-end mobile Real Estate website, they’re not working with you.

And that growing percentage of mobile traffic is trending to rise above 50% for brokerages in 2014.

That’s how fast mobile is overtaking desktop Real Estate traffic according to the stats we’ve been measuring amongst tens-of-thousands of real estate websites across the country [you can read about these trends in our free White Paper, entitled The Mobile Customer Experience].

But one of the common misconceptions in the mobile discussion is that having a mobile Real Estate website for your customers is enough. Most Real Estate brokerages and agents don’t consider the other side of the mobile conversation—their own ability to follow up with leads when they are on the go.

We’ve worked for years to perfect the consumer-facing side or "front end" experience of our mobile real estate websites.  The new Mobile DeltaNet™ — released late last week - works to perfect that "back end" experience for REALTORS.

When consumers search homes from their smartphones, as 40% do, they can easily find what they’re looking for and instantly submit a lead through a mobile-optimized real estate website.

The lead is hottest when it first arrives, but it might be cool by the time you return home from the grocery store, let the dogs out, start dinner, then hop on your laptop to check your leads and email.

The Mobile DeltaNet™ system was completely rethought from the ground up to cater your business to the mobile customer and respond immediately to leads turning you into a "mobile agent".

When you’re standing in line at the grocery store you can check your leads from the Mobile DeltaNet™. If you left the office and forgot to get back with the customer you promised to follow up with today, the Mobile DeltaNet™ includes your full contact list complete with contact information.

Meet someone while out who might be interested in additional information because they’re considering listing their house? Add their contact information to the Mobile DeltaNet™. It will be there when you are ready to follow up.

Best of all, you can now process your leads directly from the Mobile DeltaNet™.

Get a new lead while heading to lunch? Process it at the restaurant and follow up with the customer right away. If your brokerage uses the Delta Media Group lead management system, it will distribute leads through the Mobile DeltaNet™ just as it does the desktop version.

Mobile is an essential part of your business moving forward, and the next generation of the Mobile DeltaNet™ is the essential desktop-to-mobile link your real estate business requires.

Click Here to see screenshots of the new Mobile DeltaNet™ interface, or watch the video below to see a detailed walk through of the system's features.


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