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Monday, September 9, 2013

New Mobile DeltaNet™ to launch next week

Next week we will be launching a new Mobile DeltaNet™.

This launch ushers in some big changes and paves the way for many more changes and updates in features.

The simple truth today is that the business of real estate is a mobile business. REALTORS® are mobile all day long. Long gone are the days of a REALTOR® sitting at their desk flipping through the MLS Book. Today REALTORS® are busier than ever, just like all of us, and we expect them to do more business.

The new Mobile DeltaNet™ being launched acknowledges these facts and it gives the Delta Team the platform on which we can launch many new customer management and business management features.

Below are a handful of screen-shots from the new Mobile DeltaNet™. The new system is more refined, quicker and more robust than the current system.

Watch for the launch of the new system next week. Meanwhile take a look at all these screen shots.

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