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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Property search results that look awesome!

Are you looking to 'upgrade' your users' experience on your web site?

Delta's new search results system may just be 'upgrade' you need.

The new search results system is a modern, feature rich, customer driven search results system containing the most up-to-date technology. You can see the new search results in-action here:

The new search results features three view types. Each of the three view types are displayed in the screen capture images below. They are List View, List With Map, and Gallery View.

List View

List with Map

Gallery View

The new search results also contains advanced features found only on modern platforms.

One such feature is the ability to scroll through listing photos in-line on the search results page. As you move your mouse over the property photo the listing 'banners' (such as Featured Listing) and photo count graphic get hidden and we display buttons to navigate the photos. We also show which photo currently in-view by showing a status of '1 of 25', '2 of 25', and so on as the photos are changed.

It's also important that today's modern real estate platforms support tablets, especially the iPad. The new search results is fully compatible with the iPad. This compatibility also includes this photo browser on the search results. The search results photo browser is fully compatible with the iPad and other tablets.

Watch this video to see the photo viewer in-action:

Here are some screen capture images showing what the property information looks like when you have your mouse hovered over the photo and when you do not.

Standard View

Mouse-Over View which activates property photo controls

If you would like to activate this new search results system on your web site please contact via email or by calling 1-866-233-9833.

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