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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Instagram Social Link Now Available to Agents, Companies and Offices

Instagram has exploded in the past year as one of the most widely used social sharing channels. Delta customers now have the ability to include this social channel as a link on their websites.

For Agents, their social media links are visible on the Agent Homepage and the Contact Forms of their websites.  For Companies and Offices, these links are visible on their Contact
Form.  The social media links also are visible in My Home Finder and Market Watch emails (see example images below).

Agent Homepage Banner
Agent Contact Form

Company Social Media Links

Adding Instagram and other social media links to your website is easy!

For Agents, these links can be added by logging into DeltaNet™ and navigating to Agent -> Website -> Overviews (see image right).

For companies, Administrators can add social media  links in DeltaNet™ by navigating to Admin -> Preferences -> Globals (see image left).

For Offices, social media links can be added in DeltaNet™ by navigating to Admin -> Users -> Offices -> Edit Office (see image right).

Simply type your Instagram or other social media URL links into the corresponding field in the Social Media URLs interface (see image below), click 'Save Social URLs' and you are finished!
Social Media URLs Interface in DeltaNet™

Did you know that Delta Media Group also offers online real estate marketing packages, including social media marketing, blogging, and SEO?  If you would like to discuss how Delta might be able to help implement your social media or other marketing strategies, contact customer support at via email or by calling 1-866-233-9833.

Brand New Advanced Search Form Interface Available Now!

Delta is very excited to announce an feature update that completely revamps the Advanced Search Form interface.

Because this system-wide release is a dramatic departure from the previous map-based form, we wanted to provide our customers with advanced notice so they are aware of the change and can look forward to this exciting improvement to their website.

This new interface incorporates a brand new design and cutting-edge search functionality. Here is a "sneak peak" at the form and some of the new features...

Delta's revamped Advanced Search Form incorporates modern design and dynamic functionality

Enhanced filters that dynamically refine list results
Expanded location list filters include city, area, subdivision, school district, & zip code.  Selected locations can also be narrowed by county.  The new form then dynamically updates when results filters are added and the search is modified.

Multi-area search-and-save capability
Users will have the ability to search multiple areas at once.  Saved multi-area searches can then be accessed later by the customer or saved and emailed by agents.

Dynamic "smart fields" that populate and maintain results
The new search field pre-fills and auto-formats results as a user types into them.  When the user modifies their search criteria, results will be maintained in the interface until they are cleared or reset.

Smart design that reflects company branding
The interface has been revamped with a dynamic "smart" design that adjusts automatically based on company's aesthetic design and color scheme. 

Recently, Delta unveiled the New Search Results system available to customers.  To read about that feature upgrade please click here. The new Advanced Search interface is available to all customers on this New Search Results system.   

If your company has not yet activated the New Search Results system on your website and would like to, please contact Customer Support at via email or by calling 1-866-233-9833.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Delta Media Group Launches New Mobile Website for Russell & Jeffcoat Realty

Delta's new Mobile Platform offers innovative mobile design that eclipses similar mobile products currently available to the real estate market

Russell And Jeffcoat's new custom-designed mobile website includes advanced responsive user functionality

CANTON, OH, Oct 30, 2013- Delta Media Group, Inc., leaders in online real estate marketing and business management technology, have partnered with Russell & Jeffcoat Real Estate to launch a brand new mobile website.

In early October 2013, Delta Media Group announced to the marketplace that they were unveiling an innovative new mobile platform, built as a solution specifically for large real estate brokerages.  This mobile platform could be designed to include custom company branding & background imagery and developed with advanced mobile-optimized standards.

A few short weeks later, Delta Media Group is excited to launch their first new mobile platform website for Russell & Jeffcoat Real Estate and their customers.

Since opening its doors in Columbia, South Carolina in 1965, Russell & Jeffcoat Realty has grown to become one of the most trusted and influential names in the real estate industry.  A Leading RE member, they are one of the largest residential real estate firms in the Southeastern United States.

Russell and Jeffcoat's new mobile website includes all of the advanced features mobile users now expect, including quick search from the home screen, custom search filters, full-­screen photos with swipe controls, addresses integrated with device navigation, and intuitive call to action buttons.
Additionally, Delta has rolled out cutting-edge mobile functionality for Russell and Jeffcoat that surpasses other mobile solutions currently available to the real estate market.

"This mobile platform was designed and optimized to respond smarter," says James Bille, Delta's lead mobile programmer. "Most competitor's products will not redirect to mobile-optimized Listing Detail pages.  Sometimes they redirect to a completely different page.  The mobile user then either misses out on the critical information intended for those pages, or they are offered a poor user experience by accessing pages that are not optimized for mobile consumption.  We wanted to ensure that our mobile platform was designed to meet or exceed current mobile standards... which are constantly evolving." 
Russell and Jeffcoat engaged with Delta throughout the development process to help ensure that the that their new mobile website would be easier for their customers to navigate, and that it would capture the mobile leads they were not receiving from their previous mobile website.  “Our new mobile website simplifies the home searching process for our users and allows us to meet the needs that our clients expect from the top real estate company in our area,” says Aaron Roe, Russell and Jeffcoat's Director of Interactive Marketing.
This week's mobile launch is what Delta hopes to be the just the start of a long successful partnership Russell & Jeffcoat.

Their next project together will be the development of custom mobile app which will be available for download by iOS, Android and Windows users.  Mobile research indicates that people who download and use mobile real estate apps are the most engaged-ready to buy-prospects.  Additionally, downloaded mobile apps remain on devices (unless deleted) and do not compete with search engines, strengthening brand loyalty and customer retention for real estate business.

The launch also opens up new opportunities for Delta with other large brokerages who are seeking more advanced mobile technology solutions than what they are able to develop on their own.

"We are very excited for this mobile launch on a couple of levels", says Delta VP Jonathan Blood, "First, we are excited for Russell and Jeffcoat Real Estate and their customers, who will now get the state of the art user experience that only our new mobile platform design can provide for them.  Secondly, this launch opens the door for other large brokerages around the country who are looking to work with outside experts for their advanced marketing technology development. We are honored that a distinguished Leading RE brokerage such as Russel and Jeffcoat chose to partner with us for their mobile platform.  We look forward to similar opportunities to develop custom mobile solutions with other large brokerages in the future."

To view Russell and Jeffcoat's new mobile website, navigate to from your mobile device.

About Delta Media Group, Inc.
Serving over 600 real estate brokerages, 35,000 agents and 225 MLS's across the nation, Delta Media Group is the enterprise marketing and business management solution for real estate professionals. Delta partners with companies and top-performing agents at the point where marketing meets technology, helping clients efficiently navigate their business pipeline from lead to close.

Delta Media Group is a preferred Solutions Group Partner of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.  

About Delta Media Group's Mobile Solutions
Delta Media Group's mobile websites put the MLS at your buyers' fingertips. With geolocation to show mobile users listings on the go and easy access to submit showing requests, brokerages receive more traffic, get more leads and close more deals. Delta’s custom apps integrate with the most advanced mobile platform on the market, helping consumers find the home they are looking for anywhere, anytime on their iOS, Android or Windows device.

For more information about Delta Media Group and their mobile solutions, please visit their website at

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Real Estate Showcase Launches Brand New Redesigned Website with Delta Media Group

Delta Media Group is pleased to announce the launch of a newly redesigned corporate website for Real Estate Showcase.  Operating five offices, Real Estate Showcase has provided outstanding real estate and auction services to central Ohio since 1973.

You can visit Real Estate Showcase's new website at

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mobile App or Mobile Website? The Pros and Cons of Each

The ‘Mobile website versus mobile app’ debate might as well be Coke versus Pepsi.

Smart online marketers have long been divided between the two, as many find themselves taking sides (though more prefer ‘Team Mobile’).

If online real estate stats follow those of eCommerce purchases, roughly 65 percent of customers would prefer to purchase from mobile websites, while the remaining 35 percent purchase from apps.  So which would you choose?

If you’re leaning toward the direction with the highest percentage of customers, you’re on the right track. But you might be forgetting that you could be losing 35 percent of customers by gaining access to 65 percent of them.

The ideal solution is to have both options since you have customers who strongly prefer one platform over the other, and vice versa. By utilizing both, you can leverage each to its individual strengths, giving your real estate business maximum exposure and opportunities to drive business from all mobile customers on all mobile devices.

If you’re limited as to which platform you should start with due to resources, there’s no wrong answer. Both offer customers the opportunity to find your business from mobile devices—the fastest growing segment in real estate marketing.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each. You can view a more thorough breakdown by downloading our Free Mobile Whitepaper.

• Can be found through search engines, as most mobile consumers prefer to shop
• Short and long-tail keywords can rank, sending organic traffic to you
• Second-largest traffic source of all platforms
• Significantly higher source of traffic than apps
• New mobile technologies allow mobile websites to look, feel and operate similar to apps

• Customers on search engines may find your competitors instead
• Visitors from search engines could hit “back” and hop to a competing website
• Your brand awareness lasts only as long as a customer is on your mobile site
• It takes a customer additional steps to access your mobile site

Mobile app users are highly engaged prospects
• Highest minutes-per-visit average
• Most dedicated customers
• Integrated with your smartphone’s functionality
• Stays on the phone home screen, always in front of costumers
• Seamless user experience

• Cannot be found in search engines
• Keywords do not rank when users search specific regions
• If app doesn’t perform up to the user's standards, it might be deleted and never again thought of
• Apps require multi-platform development (iOS, Android, Windows, etc)

Both mobile options, if built the right way, should offer effective calls to action. A customer should be able to easily submit a lead from either a mobile website or mobile app. Both should send that lead through a real estate agent or brokerage’s lead management system, and follow the same lead rules put in place on the desktop system.

After the customer submits the inquiry, he should receive an auto-response email. He should also be able to save listings to his portfolio, which he can be accessed from other devices—tablet, desktop, etc.

Mobile website and app users are more serious shoppers
These lead acquisition functions are essential, and they should be incorporated into any mobile app or real estate website you go with.

Our recent lead study shows that mobile users are tend to "warmer" than desktop users.  Customers are four times more likely to submit a lead in any particular visit through a mobile or mobile app.  And if they are searching on their mobile device, they are more likely to be a serious shopper.

Whether mobile real estate website or mobile app, both put you in the mobile game. We recommend brokerages have both.  If forced to prioritize between developing a mobile website or app, real estate businesses should consider the mobile website first, then add a mobile app at a later point in time.

Regardless of your preference, there's no denying the integral part mobile now plays in real estate.

If your real estate business does not currently have a mobile real estate website or app and would like to discuss affordable pricing and options with Delta Media Group, please email or call 1-866-233-9833.

About Delta Media Group, Inc.
Serving over 600 real estate brokerages, 35,000 agents and 225 MLS's across the nation, Delta Media Group is the enterprise marketing and business management solution for real estate professionals. Delta partners with companies and top-performing agents at the point where marketing meets technology, helping clients efficiently navigate their business pipeline from lead to close.  For more information about Delta Media Group, visit   

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Mobile Platform Search and Efficiency Tools

The mobile consumer continues to evolve as so do mobile platforms for business. Today we have launched two changes to our mobile platform that affect mobile property search and driving directions to offices.

Enhanced Flexibility when Searching for Specific Listing Types

The property search form has been updated providing more search flexibility and control. It has been revised giving mobile users the ability to select both Property Category and Property Type as their search criteria.

  • Searchable Property Categories include Residential, Rental, Land, Commercial and Multi-Family. 
  • The Land and Multi-Family options are new options on the mobile platform.
  • Searchable Property Types dynamically change based on the selected Property Category.

'Find a Property' interface
New 'Property Type' selection tool
New search filters

One-Click Access to Office Driving Directions

We've made it simple for Android and iPhone users to quickly and easily get driving directions to real estate offices. From the office roster, when a user clicks on the office address the office location is opened on the map. From here it's easy to get turn-by-turn driving directions to the office.

Office Roster
Agent Roster
Navigation Interface

If your company does not currently have a mobile website and would like to discuss pricing and options please contact via email or by calling 1-866-233-9833.

 Or feel free to visit our mobile page for more information at

Increased Mortgage Lead Assignment Flexibility

Generating mortgage leads is important for any real estate brokerage with any type of mortgage partnership or mortgage affiliation. At Delta we understand the value of these leads and the role we play in generating them as a marketing partner for our brokerages. This is why our platform has the ability to generate these mortgage leads proactively.

As our platform continues to evolve we've upgraded the options available to our customers for these mortgage lead engagements. We've added the ability for Administrators to disable mortgage leads based on the property category of the listing that is attached to the lead. This control has become increasingly important especially as more and more MLS data feeds add rental listings.

The settings for mortgage leads are controlled by Administrators in the 'Mortgage Lead Assignment' interface (see image below) of the DeltaNet™.

Mortgage Lead Assignment Interface
With this new feature setting, mortgage requests can be disabled based on the listing categories selected in the 'Mortgage Lead Filters' field.  The listing categories that can be selected include:
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Land
  • Multi-family
  • Rental
These Admin controls are located in DeltaNet™ under 'Leads & Contacts' -> 'Lead Settings' in the 'Mortgage Lead Assignment' interface.

Custom Broadcast Lead Acceptance Message Controls

Delta's Lead Platform within the DeltaNet™ is responsible for powering and managing the lead engagement, lead distribution, lead follow-up and customer follow-up for some of largest brokerages in the country. For some our customers, the Lead Platform is responsible for generating and managing around 30 percent of their closed transactions.

With any platform like this clear and precise communication is critical to success and adoption by the REALTORS®.

As we continue to evolve our Lead Platform we found it necessary to provide Administrators the ability to customize the on-screen message displayed in the DeltaNet™ for company generated lead engagements to the REALTORS®. While we already give Administrators the ability to manage the message sent to the REALTORS®, due to the adoption of our Mobile DeltaNet™many REALTORS® no longer look at the email messages sent to them, making this feature necessary for clear communication.

This new feature control is located in DeltaNet™ under 'Leads & Contacts' -> 'Lead Settings' in the 'Auto Assign Settings' section.  The new feature gives Administrators control over the message in the 'Broadcast Lead Acceptance' section (see image below).

'Auto Assign Settings' interface
If modified the custom message will display as shown below (the screen show below shows the DeltaNet™'s default message).

Agent 'Process Lead' interface

New 'Featured Listing' Banner Control for Agents

A few weeks ago we published a blog post titled Property search results that look awesome!

That blog post was wildly popular and quite a few of our customers made the decision to 'upgrade' their websites to that new search results interface. (Shameless plug: If you're not using it why not? Contact our customer service department to switch your company over to it today!)

Today we added another feature to the new property search results system that gives your REALTORS® control over the display of the Featured Listing banner.

New 'Featured Listing' banner control interface in DeltaNet™

By default, the Feature Listing banners appear on all company listings. The new feature in the DeltaNet™ gives your individual agents the ability to control which listings, if any, the Featured Listing banner appears on.

Agents may choose to display the Feature Banner on the following listing types of listings:
  • Their Own
  • All Company
  • None
Control for this feature is found under 'Website' -> 'Listing Display' section in the DeltaNet™.