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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Brand New Advanced Search Form Interface Available Now!

Delta is very excited to announce an feature update that completely revamps the Advanced Search Form interface.

Because this system-wide release is a dramatic departure from the previous map-based form, we wanted to provide our customers with advanced notice so they are aware of the change and can look forward to this exciting improvement to their website.

This new interface incorporates a brand new design and cutting-edge search functionality. Here is a "sneak peak" at the form and some of the new features...

Delta's revamped Advanced Search Form incorporates modern design and dynamic functionality

Enhanced filters that dynamically refine list results
Expanded location list filters include city, area, subdivision, school district, & zip code.  Selected locations can also be narrowed by county.  The new form then dynamically updates when results filters are added and the search is modified.

Multi-area search-and-save capability
Users will have the ability to search multiple areas at once.  Saved multi-area searches can then be accessed later by the customer or saved and emailed by agents.

Dynamic "smart fields" that populate and maintain results
The new search field pre-fills and auto-formats results as a user types into them.  When the user modifies their search criteria, results will be maintained in the interface until they are cleared or reset.

Smart design that reflects company branding
The interface has been revamped with a dynamic "smart" design that adjusts automatically based on company's aesthetic design and color scheme. 

Recently, Delta unveiled the New Search Results system available to customers.  To read about that feature upgrade please click here. The new Advanced Search interface is available to all customers on this New Search Results system.   

If your company has not yet activated the New Search Results system on your website and would like to, please contact Customer Support at via email or by calling 1-866-233-9833.

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