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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Build More Effective Reports with Targeted Lead Performance Reporting

Image 1-Lead Performance Report
Delta has released an update to the the Lead Performance Report feature which will help make business management and reporting in DeltaNet ™more effective with targeted reporting.

Date ranges for lead performance can now be chosen with an easy-to-use calendar selector, making it simple to create targeted reports for Customers, Response Time, and Requests.

Simply select the reporting period, then preferred date ranges and hit the 'Apply' button (Image 1).

Actions widget

The Lead Performance Report feature can be found in a few places in DeltaNet™, depending if it is accessed as an Agent or an Admin user.

For Agent users, it can be accessed from the Customer Center in the 'Actions' widget.

Image 3

Agent users can also access this feature from Leads & Contacts->Tools tab (Image 3).

Image 4

For Admin users, it can be accessed under Leads & Contacts->Tools (Image 4).
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