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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Delta Media Group Develops Mobile Real Estate Apps to Meet Growing Consumer Demand

Delta's new Mobile App
Delta Media Group is excited to announce that they are now offering Mobile Apps build specifically for Real Estate brokerages and their customers.

Mobile is already known to be the fastest growing digital avenue for Real Estate marketing and lead generation, and recent studies show that mobile web traffic overtake desktop traffic as soon as early 2014. In fact, some brokerages are already seeing over 50% of their web traffic coming from mobile on weekends.

Research also shows that of those searching on mobile devices, app users are the most engaged, ready to buy prospects.  Statistics revealed in Delta's recent White Paper, entitled The Mobile Customer Experience: Trending, Optimization, and Application show that app users are more engaged and spend more minutes-per-visit browsing for listings on their Real Estate app.

Here is an excerpt from Delta's Mobile White Paper study:

Real Estate Web Engagement Time Comparison

"While organic exposure is significantly higher through a well-optimized mobile Real Estate website, our statistics show that apps generate hotter leads. The consumer that goes out of their way to download a Real Estate app is more likely to see it each day, use it, and trust it when it comes to searching for properties. That consumer is less likely to go back to search engine results or hop to a different website because they probably don't have other Real Estate search apps on their phone. Our recent study demonstrates that mobile Real Estate app users average five times the minutes-per-visit of desktop visitors (see comparison chart), which means they spend a significant amount of dedicated time shopping for listings." [Get full White Paper here]

Due in part to Delta's mobile Real Estate web engagement research and increased demand from brokerages, Delta Media Group has developed a product that they feel will meet the needs of their customers and end-users. 

Regarding the new product announcement, Delta Media Group CEO Mike Minard says, "We are very excited to now offer Mobile Real Estate Apps for brokerages and excited about what this will mean for increased engagement with their customers.  In our experience the customers that download and use Real Estate apps are VERY engaged…these customers are buyers and sellers that are serious."

Features of Delta's new Mobile Real Estate Apps include:
  • Quick Search from Home Screen
  • Custom Search Filters
  • Device Integration
  • Full-­screen Photos
  • Branding Recognition & Alignment
  • iOS, Android & Windows Compatibility

Delta's Mobile Apps can be downloaded across multiple devices

Pricing for Delta's apps are as low as $99/month and can be customized based on business needs.

Click Here to read more and see some of the features included in Delta's Mobile Real Estate Apps, or contact Delta to request a demo.

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