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Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Share Listing Feature in Mobile Platform

Image 1
Delta's Mobile Platform for Real Estate received an upgrade today by adding the ability to easily share properties through social channels and email.

The new sharing feature was added to all property detail pages. It can be accessed by viewing a property detail page and clicking on the 'Share' button underneath the property photo (Image 1).

When the 'Share' button is clicked various sharing options come up including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Email. A 'Cancel' button is also displayed and when clicked hides the share options (Image 2).

When a user clicks the Facebook and Google Plus sharing buttons a sharing dialogue window opens in the web browser providing the ability to share the property detail on social channels. For anyone that uses Facebook or Google Plus this is already a familiar process.

Various screen capture images are shared below to illustrate how the Delta Mobile Platform shares these posts on Facebook. Included are screen capture images from a laptop and a smart phone illustrating a clean user experience across platforms and across device types.
Image 2

When shared through Twitter we pre-populate verbiage to say 'Check out this property' along with a link to the property detail page. Again, any user clicking on the property detail page from a mobile device or desktop device is presented with the appropriate user experience for the device they are using. You can see how this would appear on the Twitter list of Tweets on Image 3 below.

Image 3

When the 'Email' Sharing Button is clicked on mobile an new email draft is opened with the Subject and Body pre-populated. The Subject is pre-populated with 'Check out this property' and the Body is pre-populated with a link to the property detail page.

For more information on this feature watch the video demo below and look at the various screen capture images below.

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