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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Save Time When Creating To-Do's with Enhanced Customer Search Feature

Image 1
DeltaNet's™ Customer Center has been ungraded with a simple feature that saves time and energy when creating reminders for customer follow-up.

When creating a new To-Do action, the customer can be now searched directly in the 'Customer' field without having to leave the interface.

Simply type in the customer's name in the 'Customer' field.

Corresponding customer names will then auto-populate, where a selection can be made.  Press  'Update' to create the To-Do (Image 1).     

Image 2

The To-do feature interface is located in  DeltaNet's™ Customer Center, in the 'Customers' tab (Image 2).

To-Do's can also be added on each Customer Information page.  Press 'Add New To-do' or press 'Edit' in order to edit or delete a To-Do that has previously been created (Image 3).

Image 3

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