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Monday, November 11, 2013

Delta Media Group Launches New Corporate Website

Delta's New Corporate Website Includes Completely New Architecture, Graphics and Messaging for Enterprise Brokerages and Agents

Delta Media Group, Inc., leaders in marketing and business solutions for real estate professionals, officially announced today that the company has a new online home.

Delta Media Group unveiled a new corporate website, designed to engage with customers and help them more effectively find the product information and resources they’re looking for.

Delta Media Group’s website redesign reflects its Enterprise Platform and Agent real estate marketing technology offerings.

Now, visitors to the site will be greeted with company info and resources in tabs across the top, and direct solutions categorized across the middle of the homepage. 

-Joel Maas, Delta's Director of Marketing
The “Solutions” tab expands when hovered over, displaying an easy-to-read list of Delta Media Group’s Enterprise Web Platform solutions, Enterprise Marketing Solutions, and Agent Platform solutions. Each solution is clickable, sending the user to a page explaining the specifics of the product category and offering calls-to-action for visitors to request more information.

Other tabs include (in order): Successes, Resources, Our Company, Contact & Support, and Blog.

The “Successes” tab navigates users to a page that tells a customer success story about how a large national brokerage achieved dramatic results since partnering with Delta for their enterprise web platform and inbound marketing services.

The “Resources” tab takes users to Delta Media Group’s White Papers and Articles, which are designed with statistics and specific examples to show how the real estate market is shifting and how real estate Brokerages and Agents can best position themselves to maximize their business growth.

The “Our Company” page introduces visitors to Delta Media Group's team, tells the story of Delta's long history in real estate, and explains the vast experience its owners and employees have developing real estate marketing technology solutions.

The “Contact & Support” page allows interested consumers to more easily contact Delta Media Group, whether to get more information on offerings, or to work with the Customer Service team on an issue.

The “Blog” tab takes visitors to the frequently updated real estate blog. The Delta Media Group Blog covers a wide range of real estate topics, from real estate market insight, technology and marketing tips and shifts, to detailed updates of the tools and resources Delta makes available to improve our customers’ business and efficiency.

Delta’s Director of Marketing, Joel Maas, explains why the company wanted to develop a new corporate website.  “We wanted to build a new for a couple of reasons.  First, there seemed to be a misalignment in how the marketplace perceives us and who we actually are to many of our customers.  Delta is so much more than a simple website provider or a hosting company.  We are a strategic marketing and technology development partner to some of the largest, most successful brokerages in the US.  We needed this stage to better communicate the value of not only our real estate web platform, but also communicate the full extent of our marketing capabilities, solutions like SEO and custom content.  Secondly, we are practicing what we preach to our customers by updating our website with refreshed graphics and content.  This is important for ongoing engagement and also for effective SEO.”

Please visit their new website at, and contact Delta with feedback or for more information on their leading real estate website platform, lead management, and marketing services. 

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Serving over 600 real estate brokerages, 35,000 agents and 225 MLS's nationally and internationally, Delta Media Group is the enterprise marketing and business management solution for real estate professionals. Delta partners with companies and top-performing agents at the point where marketing meets technology, helping clients efficiently navigate their business pipeline from lead to close.
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