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Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Featured Listings Gallery Widget Creates A Fresh Look For Delta Agent Sites

Delta has released a brand new agent website customization feature that showcases multiple Featured Listings prominently in a new horizontal gallery-style interface, creating an updated modern look and feel for their website.

In the sample screenshot below, the Featured Listings gallery is displayed on the on the home page just under the main header, but this gallery can be set to display on any page.

This feature provides greater flexibility and customization for those on Delta's upgraded platform. Agents can display up to five featured listings in the gallery, and select display types from several listing categories.

Sample Agent website homepage with new Featured Listings gallery

This design change can easy be set-up in DeltaNet™ utilizing the page editor under Website->Pages and can also be entered in the home page editor under Website->Overviews.

The new placeholder design code allows for selection of up to five featured listings.  The new placeholder code looks like this: {{FeaturedHome size="5"}} (see image below).  The old placeholder design code not containing the size attribute still functions as it did previously and will display just one featured listing.

Featured Listing gallery design code interface in DeltaNet™

Agents can choose to populate their Featured Listings gallery from categories types such as 'My Listings', 'All Company Listings, All Office Listings' Specific MLS ID's' and more.  The settings controls that determine which listings show in the gallery are located under Website->Listing Display (see image below).

DeltaNet's™ Featured Listings display categories interface allow for maximum flexibility and control

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