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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Delta releases new header image gallery for Delta Agent Sites

Delta is excited to announce an important update in DeltaNet™ that will make changing the look of Delta Agent Sites quick and easy. We have added a brand new gallery of high-resolution header images to the site design interface.

Our new header images now include lifestyle images of people, places, interiors, exteriors and more!  Agents can choose from 46 unique images directly in the system, streamlining the process and offering additional flexibility to their website management.

All gallery header images are licensed to use on Delta Agent Sites as header graphics at no cost to you

Click on 'Site Design' to get started with changing your header
Changing the header graphic is now much easier.  Simply log in to DeltaNet™, hover over 'Website' and click 'Site Design'.  After selecting your predesign and then completing 'Step 2' which allows you to customize your navigation, go to 'Step 3' and scroll down and you will see the new gallery. 

'Step 3' of 'Site Design' is where you will find the new gallery

The new gallery contains 46 images which can be selected and used on your site as a header image anytime you want.  If an agent has their own personal company header image, that image will be stored here in the gallery as one of their selectable choices.

Select your new header, scroll to the bottom and click 'Proceed to Step 4' which allows you to customize verbiage, add meta-tags and key words.

Click 'Finish Web Site Setup' and your new header image will appear on your site.  It's that simple!

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