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Friday, January 17, 2014

Introducing Properties In Motion™ listing videos powered by Delta Media Group

Property listing videos done the right way!

 One of the most effective ways to build SEO value for your website is by offering custom content, unique for your brand and your listings. But custom content is not limited to just website copy.  Property listing videos have become one of the most important and effective channels of brand-building media in real estate marketing today.

In fact, a recent report published by the National Association of Realtors found that house hunters valued videos showcasing properties and communities:

● 86 percent used property video to learn about a specific community.
● 70 percent used property video to tour the inside of a home.

That kind of marketing power is moving many real estate agents to find new and interesting ways to present property videos as part of their marketing plan. And that’s exactly why Delta Media Group has developed an inexpensive, hassle-free property listing videos solution that saves time and money by connecting them to your real estate website.

Many of you may already have videos for your listings, but Delta Media Group is proud to now offer Properties In Motion- listings videos done the right way!

Click the video player below to watch a Properties In Motion sample video:

A listing video system that does the work for you
We have spent an extensive amount of programming to create a completely reliable turn-key solution that builds SEO value and brand recognition for real estate companies.

First, we get your listing data from the MLS. We then create an HD quality video. That video gets published to your YouTube channel along with our special SEO ‘sauce’. We then embed that YouTube video on your desktop, mobile, and tablet websites.

Your videos will display at the top of your listing web pages above the listing images and additional information, so your customers can’t miss them.  This is 100% automated for new listings and listing updates.  Here are some of the features and benefits that make Delta's Properties In Motion the best listing video solution available to the real estate industry today...

Fully-automated and programmed with reliability in mind
Because of Delta's industry knowledge and technical expertise in handling real estate data, Delta's Properties In Motion listing videos system has been built in a way that allows for hands-off property data integration with no third-party messiness.

    We have spent a tremendous amount of time ensuring that our platform is problem-free. This means you get seamless integration. There are no new data feeds to deal with. There is no finger pointing between vendors. Our platform has built-in error checking and handling from beginning to end so you don’t have to deal with questions from your agents on why videos are missing and not updated. Features of our turn-key system include:
    • Automated listing download from the pre-set listing parameters you specify
    • Data analysis and error-checking redundancy measures that automatically check for duplication
    • Unique algorithm that tells us if a new video needs to be produced or if the price has changed
    • Automated video upload to your YouTube channel
    • Automated embedding on your website 
    • Automatic updates
    Highest quality listing videos in the industry
    Many competitive solutions do not offer multi-device support, thumbnail selection and quality music.  Delta's Properties In Motion listing videos system does. Here are some features that make Delta's Properties In Motion listing videos stand above the rest:

    • Full HD resolution support
    • Quality audio with multiple music options
    • Simple, quick system set-up
    • Our listing videos load and display properly on desktop, mobile and tablets
    • Our listing videos can be up to 90 seconds in length

    SEO value that drives traffic to your corporate website 
    Listing videos make up a significant portion of Google’s page one real estate. In fact, the National Association of REALTORS® reports that website pages with videos are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results than text-only pages.

    But listing videos must be built correctly in order to effectively to add SEO value to your website.

    Unfortunately, not all listing videos offered by the competition are embedded properly so that SEO can work its magic and convert leads for your company.  Delta's listing videos are built right for SEO.

    Our videos will help search engines find your listings when consumers search by address or neighborhood.  As they do, they’ll have the opportunity to connect directly with you.

    You can even influence the SEO on your site by controlling what listings get listing videos. If you only want to provide listing videos on properties above a certain price range you can. Only specific markets? Not a problem.

    Brand recognition that builds your online presence
    Delta's Properties In Motion listing videos will help you beat the portals, showcase your company and empower your agent’s social marketing. Because our listing videos are embedded on your site, users can view them directly on your property listing detail pages as opposed to third party portals.

    Videos can also be shared socially via your custom designed, company-branded YouTube channel and the various tools available on the Delta platform, driving both visitors to your site and enhancing your marketing and branding initiatives.  Here are some ways Delta's Properties In Motion listing videos will help you further leverage your corporate social marketing strategy:

    • Our listing videos integrate with your corporate YouTube Channel
    • Our listing videos tell your customers that you are progressive company with cutting-edge marketing resources
    • They offer an attractive recruiting and retention benefit as the videos feature your agents and their listings.
    • Our video system set-up includes a custom branded YouTube channel design

    Get started by speaking with a Delta representative today
    Delta can help take something that many of you are already doing and help ensure that your listing video strategy is executed properly.

    We have experienced video marketing experts who can help you develop a strategy that works for your company and advise you on our tiered pricing model which includes options such as embed services, feed integration and YouTube channel development.

    Contact Delta today for a product demo, pricing options or more information by calling 866-233-9833,  emailing or clicking through to our Properties In Motion product detail page then submitting the Request Info form to the right.

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