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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Now your customers can "Pin" your listings to their Pinterest boards

Delta has released an update which will allow for greater social media sharing for your listings.  Users can now "Pin-It", sharing images of your listings on their own personal Pinterest boards.

Pinterest has become one of the fastest growing social media tools for real estate marketers. Users love to share images that reflect their personal taste, and images of homes listings are the perfect medium for them to do so.

With this new feature, prospective customers will be able to include family, friends and followers in their home hunt by "pinning" your listing.

The 'Pin-it' button now appears at the top of all Listing Detail pages next to the 'Like' button. 

If users have pinned your listing to their board, the 'Pin-it' count will appear next to the button.

The 'Pin-it' button also appears on each individual image at the top of the image viewer.

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