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Friday, February 21, 2014

Atlas Map Search and mobile upgrades that will improve your customers' search experience

Delta's real estate web platform features the most robust real estate search functionality in the industry.

Our advanced search results system is a modern, feature rich, customer driven search interface containing the most up-to-date technology, like Interactive Atlas Search powered by Google Maps. And with this week's updates, our search interface just got better with usability updates that will improve your customers search experience.

We have improved the browser compatibility for the Atlas Map search.  Our map search functions support and function well on all modern browsers. 

It's also important that today's modern real estate platforms support tablets. Although our map search results interface is fully compatible with tablets, we have released an upgrade this week that optimizes the tablet search experience.  We have released a new action to  the search results and expand the map, making it bigger. Tapping the new arrow button in the middle of the screen will collapse or re-engage the 'Refine Results' tray, based on your users' search preferences.

Our new map features allows users to collapse and expand the 'Refine Results' tray

Delta's mobile search map interface

Mobile Interface Search Upgrade

We have also added a 'Show Nearby Properties' button feature on the map in the mobile interface.

A user can perform a search and go to the map, then click 'Show Nearby Properties' and we will show any properties around them, even if they were not included in the original search criteria.

This feature upgrade allows mobile users to find more homes for sale by expanding their search.

If you would like to activate Delta's Atlas search results system on your web site or upgrade to a mobile website, please contact via email or by calling 1-866-233-9833.

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