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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Delta releases design refinements to our Advanced Search Results interface

Delta constantly upgrades our real estate marketing systems and website features in order to help you more effectively engage with website visitors and close more business.  This week, we have released several usability and aesthetic refinements to our Advanced Search Results interface which improve the user experience for consumers searching for homes on your website.

Delta's Atlas Search Results System

Here are several refinements to our Advanced Search 'Map Results' and 'Search Results' lists... 

In the 'Refine Results' area, the auto complete functionality was changed from a standard text field to a modern search field. A button now appears when text has been entered in the field.  See example screen right.

In the 'Locations' area, the 'X' was redesigned to be a more graphically symmetrical X.  See example screen left.

The MLS ID 'Locations' results were relabeled to be more graphically pleasing and make more sense to the user. See example screen right.

In the Atlas Map Search interface, the map results now stays centered in the middle of the screen when the user's window is re-sized.  See example screen left.

If you are a Delta real estate web platform customer and would like to activate our new Atlas Search Results System on your website, please contact via email or by calling 1-866-233-9833.

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