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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Introducing Delta's new Email Blast System for real estate agents

Delta's new Email Blast System interface
Email is an effective business communication tool that produces valuable leads when used in real estate marketing. Because of this, email marketing is a foundational component of Delta’s lead generation feature suite.

In order to help our customers further leverage the power of email, Delta has released a brand new Email Blast System that efficiently engages leads and drives business for real estate agents. This system enables you to easily create, send and manage bulk emails such as monthly newsletters or client updates. Major features of Delta's new Email Blast System include:
  • The ability to send email messages not only to individuals but also to groups
  • The ability to send attachments along with your emails
  • The ability to save drafts and templates and reuse them later on
  • The ability to see a full history of your email blasts including time stamp and recipient list
  • The ability to upload HTML code for custom designed graphic emails
  • The ability to insert images, date and your clients' names which dynamically populate in the email messages
  • The ability to preview your designed emails before sending them out

Creating Emails Blasts and selecting recipients is simple

Using our intuitive Email Blast System in DeltaNet™ is quick and easy.  Enter your recipients, your email subject, message body contents of your email, and then click 'Send'.  It’s that simple.

If you want to create an email template for something like a newsletter, all you need to do is design your email using our email editor, then click the ‘Save as Template’ button.  When you want to use the saved template, click on the ‘Use’ button.

Preview messages before you send them

Our email blast preview feature allows to see exactly how your emails will look before you send them.

Just click the 'Preview' button in the lower right-hand corner of the editor, and an image preview window will load inside of your browser. Horizontal and vertical scroll bars allow you to see the entire message in the preview window.

Edit, delete or duplicate emails and templates
Drafts work the same as email templates, but as you make changes, the system updates your draft.

If you have a draft or template that you want to delete, just click on the corresponding email blast icon and select the 'Delete' option.  Here you also have the ability to edit and duplicate your email drafts and templates.

Our Email Blast System's history feature allows you to see email blasts that were sent along with the send date and recipients.  This feature also allows you to re-send or use as a base message for a new email blast to edit and then send to your customers.
The history feature helps you keep track of emails after you send them and re-use them later

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