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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Market Landing Pages now include vector-based Map View results

Delta's Market Landing Page functionality has just received a major upgrade. We have created the ability for Market Landing Pages to include vector-based map search results for your customers.

The map results now include boundaries which display the area specified in the Market Landing Page, if the market was set up in the system drawn out with boundaries.  By clicking the 'View All Properties’ link above your Featured Homes, your customers will now be directed to a Map View which outlines properties that fall within those boundaries.  The map-based vector results offer a nice visual representation for the market area your customers are researching on your website.

Delta's new Market Landing Page vector-based map search results now display boundary areas targeted to your market

What are Market Landing Pages and how do I get them? 

Market Landing Pages are real estate web pages designed to promote and feature a specific market of your choice on your website.  The landing pages contain your featured properties, a new listing email sign-up form, market text content that you control, a market area map, links to additional areas within the market, and the ability to easily search properties within the market.

These landing pages are effective for REALTORS® because they offer uniquely-written search and SEO friendly content targeted to the local markets your clients are interested in. They also include valuable customer information like featured market listings, average listing prices, average days on the market, market subdivisions, lakes, school districts and more.

Market Landing Pages are effective with customers and simple to set up by REALTORS® on Delta's system

Market Landing Pages are very easy to set up on your upgraded agent web site that's powered by Delta.

First, you need to make certain you are on Delta's upgraded system. If you're not sure, just try and add a Market Landing Page in DeltaNet™. If you are not on the upgrade the system will prevent you from adding the Market Landing Page.

If this is the case, either upgrade through the system or by calling your company web site administrator. If you need help with this you can always reach out to our support department at or 1-866-233-9833.

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