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Friday, February 21, 2014

Promote your sales success with Delta's enhanced 'Solds' System

As a REALTOR®, the goals are to help your customers by providing an easy method for them to search homes for sale and market yourself as and your capabilities as a successful real estate agent who can provide the sales support they are looking for.  Delta understands these goals and constantly upgrades our real estate marketing systems to help you more effectively engage with your website visitors.

This week Delta released an update which helps agents market themselves and their successes as a REALTOR®.  We have upgraded the 'Solds' system, allowing for easy customization, promotion and segmentation of your sold properties.

Delta's Sold's system now allows for multiple layout options

Agents can now have more control and options for marketing sold properties. Our update allows you to easily change the sold listings page template and change the default layout from three columns to one columns, providing additional flexibility based on your preferences.

A one column layout allows agent providing additional content for customers on each sold property.

Add a description to your Sold Properties easily through the system

Agents can also easily add a custom description under each Sold Property that show as "Agent Comments".


Your Sold Properties can include a banner

The Sold Properties page template was also enhanced aesthetically, allowing for customized banners for each sold listing.

Agents can also now enter keywords for a solds page and sold listing, creating segments for your sold properties.  The keywords will filter sold listings with the keywords entered on your 'Custom Solds' pages.  Examples of keyword filter types might include all properties sold, cities, neighborhoods solds, specific markets, homes for families commercial, or whatever categories work best for your targeted buyer types.

Keywords allowing for segmentation can easily be added to your Sold Properties in DeltaNet™
If you need support with these feature updates you can always reach out to our support department with questions at or 1-866-233-9833.

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