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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Customer Overview History upgraded to display your client emails

Delta's powerful, integrated CRM features put our partners in control of their leads and customers by allowing them to efficiently process, manage and track their leads and customer marketing touch points. This week our CRM system got even better, providing more meaningful customer insight and tracking for agents and their marketing efforts.

We released a feature that displays My Portfolio/MyHomefinder,  Market Watch and Seller Report emails in the Customer Overview History widget.

This update marries tech and marketing for agents, helping to complete the loop for agent communications with customers.  It prepares agents for informed conversations with their clients by providing real time insight into what communications were sent -- prior to interactions with them.  It also makes the marketing process less cumbersome as agents no longer need to be copied on outgoing emails if they do not want to be.

Your Customer Overview History widget now displays the three types of marketing emails that go out to clients and includes relevant information associated with each communication.  Agents can view the email sent, including the subject line and paragraph body, the date sent and any attached property information. See screenshot examples below of the three email types.

Your My Portfolio/My Homefinder emails are now viewable in the Customer Overview History widget
Your Market Watch emails are now viewable in the Customer Overview History widget

Your Seller Report emails are now viewable in the Customer Overview History widget

This feature update applies to users on Delta's upgraded agent platform.   If you are not on Delta's upgraded web platform and would like to have access to this and other great features, you can upgrade through the DeltaNet™system or by calling your company web site administrator. If you have additional questions or need help with this feature you can always reach out to our support department at or 1-866-233-9833.

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